A wake of vultures feasts

Upon her ill-begotten heart

She is progressive

And extensional

A self-anointed heroine

Too corporal to be a strict



She grimaces on departure

Fantasies wept in technicolor

Sharpening her talons

Explicit as a scalpel

The next dissection

Will be cleaner

She assures


A mendacious coquette

She is beautiful

In a a way that excuses

All personal responsibility

Men assume themselves.

In her company, deficient

She is forgiven everything

Even murder

This is written about an unspecified/generic city though I imagine it could be used to describe a person


Prompt 24 Vixen


This weeks prompt is Vixen I thought we’d have a little fun creating characters. Your character does not have to be a human, your character can be an animal aquatic, aerial, imaginary or earth-dwelling, an insect, supernatural (drow, dryad, sylph etc.) a location personified (which is what I did), or any personified object of your choosing. You could also use this as a chance to throw in some mythological or historical vixens. According to the dictionary a vixen is an ill-tempered, quarrelsome female. It can also refer to a female fox. Have fun with it and remember I accept all forms of expression poems, stories, photographs, paintings you name it. I have no idea who the woman in the photo is but she is beautiful, which is why I selected it, I do not mean to imply anything about her character.