DSCN1549I live very close to this church and it is inside of a park that I visit frequently

DSCN1559I walk over this bridge regularly on my walks with Isadora

DSCN1567Very cool area there is a system of bridges and lights in the evening it is very beautiful

DSCN1270This is a sign? that appears before the Viking runes that I find cute

DSCN1283Isadora balancing still at the rune site


These are just a few photos from my world I have more but I am not confident in my photography skills yet and well I can’t upload too many at one time because of loading issues


20 thoughts on “Photos from my city

  1. A great post…love seeing where you live and Isadora is very courageous! You seem to be doing very well indeed photographically speaking!

      1. In Italian we say, one will know the day by the morning…your “morning” really is good and hope we’ll see more of your photos. 🙂

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