Mercy Snippets



My disseminated veins

Extend like the arms

Of a baked starfish

Thirsting for the salt

Of an extroverted mercy


I sought compassion

In the sea, in salient tides

That furnish diversion

Secret Garden

I’ve traveled the fathoms

Of a skeletal garden

Searching for the key

That would unlock,

Once and for all,

The crimson doors

Of my ailing mind


The surface seared

A enigmatic sun stalling

In the hem

Of an empyreal robe

She held me captive

Beneath her scrutiny

I burned, as if a fiend

Held against a cross

That could not bless

Without slaughter


Photos from my city

DSCN1549I live very close to this church and it is inside of a park that I visit frequently

DSCN1559I walk over this bridge regularly on my walks with Isadora

DSCN1567Very cool area there is a system of bridges and lights in the evening it is very beautiful

DSCN1270This is a sign? that appears before the Viking runes that I find cute

DSCN1283Isadora balancing still at the rune site


These are just a few photos from my world I have more but I am not confident in my photography skills yet and well I can’t upload too many at one time because of loading issues