Santos, Cesar The Moth and The LampCesar Santos “The Moth and the Lamp”

A butterfly born

Likewise in eclipse


With the morning rise

Why can’t I taste

With impunity

The same pride?


In shadows a beauty

Unseen and misaligned


These jaundiced eyes drip

Do not speak

Of instinct

As if delirium

If I am mad

Then upon

My breath I vow

That you

Suffer decorously

But suffer



Why must I abide

In darkness?

An anathema

This rivalry

This bias

That forbids



Say that you

Do not understand me

For are we not all

To some archetype


Do we not all

Seek that which we

Perceive deficient?


For Magpie Tales


20 thoughts on “Envy

  1. I’m enchanted by the way you have words, especially in this poem. I really need to take the time to explore more of your blog postings. Occasionally during the course of my chaos I pause for thought because someone has provoked my imagination. Thanks for helping me get through the night. Before I forget, haven’t properly introduced myself to you yet, my name is Vef… what’s yours?

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