Before the horrible singing I have 2 poems just so you have something encase you dare not listen to my singing or do listen and need consoling and you will need consoling so please have something pleasing for yourself prepared afterwards. The singing is part of my do something out your comfort zone week of tortures ahem fun.  Singing in range of others is WAY out of my comfort zone! As a child in school plays I was always told to lipsinc, yep it is that bad.


I’ve tasted hunger

The avarice of your mouth

Pirating my breath


Through your vacancy

My failure is imparted

These poems are yours

Authored under confinement

Soaked with aqueous humors


At your own risk! You can thank Nessa for this as I was inspired by her courage. I have always loved singing but alas it was never meant to be. I had a lot of ear infections as a child and thus I have a lot of scar tissue. Unfortunately I have trouble hearing mid range sounds. I can hear high frequencies decently and low frequencies the best. I often try to sing low because I can hear it but I don’t have a low voice so that right there is a problem lol The bad hearing is an issue in and of itself. I sound something like a cat whose been trapped inside of a washing  machine with a coyote. My voice is all over the place, it is very bizarre, disturbing, painful kind of voice. My speaking voice is fine but the moment I start singing it is spontaneous puberty. I have warned you on the upside after you listen to this you will feel like a rockstar in comparison =)


22 thoughts on “She Sings?!! (howls?)

  1. Haha wow, so uncanny as I have a poem about singing scheduled to be posted tomorrow. And I always lip sing when I can get away with it. That took a lot of courage to let people hear you sing. I could never do that. I like your singing voice. It reminds me of Amy Winehouse. Love the poems. 🙂

    1. That is a great compliment to me =) Thank you so much! I look forward to your post tomorrow. You should sing! Maybe I will try singing an Amy Winehouse song for myself because sometimes I practice singing, not for posting been there done that lol

      I have been anxious and terrified all day long, I keep thinking what did I do? I am going to lose all my friends. Panic I am trying to work through my fears by scaring the crap out of myself lol

      1. Lol, no, you are utterly too endearing to lose friends over this. In fact, you endear us even more to you by sharing this wonderful little part of you with us. 🙂

  2. It’s late, hubby trying to sleep, can’t find my earphones, so my comments on your singing will have to wait. Looking forward to hearing you “roar!”
    I lip sync — it was suggested when all the grade 3 kids HAD to be in the choir, I just mouth the words! Actually, I have no musical talent — except I used to play a mean kazoo!

    1. haha well be careful about ears

      I haven’t either but you can play the kazoo that is awesome. Once I played the xylophone in middle school the teacher brought in various weird instruments to try I tried and she thought I had played it for years and tried to force me in the school band. I was so confused because I had never played the xylophone before that moment. So I might have a hidden talent with the xylophone lol

  3. BUT YOU ARE ADORABLE. Hahaha! I need no consolation. I was listening to you while reading Cubby poems and I had a terrific time, I must say with all honesty! I’m glad you stepped out of your comfort zone. Doesn’t it feel wonderful to sing? I love singing. Sometimes I intentionally sing out of tune because it’s more fun!

    By the way, I didn’t hear any “bizarre, disturbing, painful kind of voice”; I honestly like your voice – it’s real sweet! You should do a recording of you reciting your poem. I’m very well sure it’s going to be a soothing, calming audio.


    1. I have some poetry readings I have done and probably will do more periodically. Thank you so much Jashael that means a lot! You are amazing =) I have kind of a childish voice on the phone especially because I am so nervous I sound about 5 years old lol I love singing but I really only sing when alone or if I am being silly

  4. What are you saying woman, this was amazing! I would love to hear your voice accompanied to music, it has a special, unique, original note, it is soothing and engagable at the same time.
    I admire your courage to share yourself singing, I am still not there yet 😀

    1. Thank you! Wow! I don’t own any instruments and I certainly don’t know how to play any lol I want to hear you. Maybe a poetry reading is less intimidating? I admit posting this scared me, really scared me.

      1. It is a tie between reading and singing, for me at least, because I usualy end up crying – be it a happy poem or a sad haha. You should see the struggles I am having preparing that poem of mine for a spoken word piece 🙂

  5. First of all, I love the poems, especially “Hunger”. The avarice of your mouth / Pirating my breath… It’s just amazing. As for your singing, I don’t think it’s a misfortune to have listened to it lol. I can’t say much, though, because it’s not accompanied with music, so I didn’t know if it was off-pitch somewhere. But your voice certainly had a unique ‘color’. It created the same atmosphere as Portishead’s songs. It would be great if you sang or recited sad, dark poetry.

    My internet connection still sucks, by the way. It doesn’t load the ‘like’ button, but of course, needless to say :p, I love this post. 🙂

    1. Thank you Elia =) I wouldn’t know if I was off pitch, I really haven’t got an ear for that but I imagine I was off pitch a lot lol I love Portishead! Thank you so much =) I am sure I will do recording of poetry readings in the future.

  6. You are fearless and inspiring and you DON’T have a terrible voice, my friend. It was wonderfully soothing, actually. I can tell that you’re nervous, but apart from that your voice is lovely. I would love to hear you read your poems – it would be such a treat.
    I don’t know if I’ve told you this before, but I developed a huge complex about my voice when I lived in NZ. They hated South Africans and constantly insulted my accent. I still have a complex today, but that’s part of the reason why I started recording audio poems. It has helped a lot and I am starting to feel much more confident about my voice.
    Our voices are precious and it’s debilitating to lose them.
    I applaud your courage and look forward to hearing one of your poems read out loud. xoxo

    1. I love your voice Bianca and I am so sorry people’s prejudice made you feel ashamed. I am from the Southern USA where the accents are over the top and sometimes incomprehensible. I didn’t have quite the same accent as everyone else (at least my accent wasn’t as pronounced) so everywhere I went it was constantly What country are you from? I could have understood What part of the US are you from but what country? That doesn’t even make sense because I clearly have some type of American accent even if it is hard to pinpoint the exact region in which I was born. In Sweden people still ask What country are you from and sometimes they don’t believe I am from the USA. On the phone people aka telemarketers, wrong numbers, individuals I do not know ask me if I am a child and worse if I am a sex phone operator. I have been asked both of these many many times. I even had a telemarketer repeatedly call my house the same one saying inappropriate things.

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