This weeks prompt is about stepping out of your comfort zone/niche. That’s right I want you to try something new, challenging, and/or a little different =)


1. Write a play, poem, skit, song, story (I have never written a play or skit for me that would be different)

2. Try a poetry form that you’ve never tried or have very little experience with (for my entry I did a sonnet which is a form I have almost no experience with and find very challenging besides!)

3. Write something outside of your genre or tackle a new or difficult subject

4. Do a voice recording of a poem, story, song etc.

5. Submit a photograph or artwork with your submission that you have created (many of us rely on google for our images)

6. If an artist or photographer you could try a different technique, a different subject, a different perspective (if you take pictures of flowers try taking a picture of machinery, buildings, animals, people etc), you could also attempt a daring self portrait

7. Try something new in real life like acupuncture, meditation, ice-skating, making Cinnamon rolls etc. and write about and/or photograph the experience

8. Go to the grocery store and choose an exotic fruit! Go to a restaurant and try a foreign dish! Then share the experience =)

These are just some suggestions feel free to challenge yourself in whatever way you like! If you are really ambitious try something new everyday this week it does not have to be a big event as I mentioned it can be as simple as buying a box of gourmet chocolates and writing about it.


33 thoughts on “Prompt 22 Try Something Different

  1. Great idea – and I notice it’s already working on me. Writing is one of the things/places where I feel very comfortable so I can feel a resistance to going outside my comfort zone. Not sure where this will take me…but I intend to give it a try:-) Thanks for giving my imagination something to chew on!

    1. I know that resistance very well I get it every time I try to challenge something, even if it is a simple change I can dig my heels in. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

  2. I am thinking about this while reading it and I have no clue what to do, maybe you could provide me with some assistance, like, throwing something at me ?:)

    1. Have you written any haiku? I feel you have a mastery with both free verse and form so perhaps you want to physically go and try something and write about the experience in your own natural style. Have you seen an opera? A ballet? A symphony? Those could be expensive unless you see an amateur performance. How about food anything unusual you might try? Ever pass out inspiring quotes or compliments to complete strangers? Ever went out in full costume? Ever play chess in the park with a complete stranger? Ever modeled for an art class? Volunteer to work somewhere for a day? You could even do something as simple as watch a movie you haven’t seen before. I am not sure what you have and haven’t done. Ironically I went to the Swedish circus yesterday didn’t even know the circus was in town but Sam bought tickets so I did something new by shear coincidence

      1. My life is always like this. Yesterday I declined moving to an appartament that was bigger, just because I could smell the tenants in the walls and it bothered me, I wrote haiku before, but I did not like it because I keep wanting to say more and after so many years of silencing this or that, I just say Fuck it everytime I try to write some short forms 🙂
        I guess the biggest challenge for me would be to try and live the day as a normal person haha, completely ordinary blank face pop star fan girl, then write about it XD

  3. I think I know the answer as I write this but….may I do two? I have already written in a way that is not me….but today I am about to go do art with healing bowls and may want to write about that experience. 🙂 Also, I did think about a recording of me reading a piece but then I thought…I am not even sure how to go about all that.

    1. You can submit as many as you like actually I have no limits because our group is small and manageable haha

      For voice recording I keep it bar bones simple.
      I go to this site record the message and share the link it gives no editing or anything just record copy/paste link haha I am sure there are better sites but I use this one because you do not need to be a member and you do not really need to do anything special

  4. Hmmm….is it odd that my comfort zone is discomfort? I feel that I write best when I’m miserable and bleed my heart out on the paper. I would try to write about something happy for this but I never force myself to write something I am not feeling at the moment. Hmm. This will take plenty of thought, I can tell.

      1. I was thinking of actually attempting perhaps a sonnet or some form with a rhyming scheme, since most of my work is all free verse and I don’t even attempt to rhyme usually – I pay more attention to rhythm.

    1. Please do I would love to have you =) I post a new prompt tomorrow but you can go back and do any that you like just post your submission to the most recent Mr. Linky so everyone will see it and specify which prompt.

  5. “Rats,” she sighed. “My back went out again. And here I am, stuck in this weird position and no one else is around to help me up. It’s my own fault, after all, my knees are way too thin, but I look fabulous, and my ankles, well, a bit small, perhaps. So I’m tiny for my height, but that’s IN right now, right? Anyway, i guess I’ll just sit here on the floor until someone comes home. I just hope it’s soon. I haven’t eaten my grape yet and I’m hungry. I’ll just hold my head up, like this…that way I’ll look fabulous when someone comes through the doorway.”

    1. The character in the picture is practically a stick figure but that seems to be society’s ideal. I love grapes but I love cookies too and one of either isn’t enough :unless it is a really really big grape

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