This weeks prompt is My Story any of you who read my post “My Story” got a preview. Hopefully you’ve been contemplating, maybe you’ve even gotten started, maybe you’ve even finished. For those of you who didn’t read the prompt preview or for those of you who just need a reminder choose a period of your life to relate (if ambitious you can do an abridged version of key moments of your life up until this point).  My own story attempts to answer the question “What triggered you to write?” I want your story to answer a question as well but it need not be the same question in fact it can be any question at all “What is the driving force in your life?” “What is love?” “What is the most profound spiritual experience you’ve ever had?” The question can be deep or it can be much simpler “Why do I love penguins?” “Why do I hate hotdogs?” The story you share can be light-hearted and funny or it can be the kind of story that leaves your audience in tears or it can be something in between. You can be the hero, the villain, or just a neutral character in the story. I have shared some dark elements of my nature and past. I have shown some of my character flaws,  you do not have to share anything you do not feel comfortable sharing. If you want to talk about summer camp and you loved summer camp talk about summer camp. It is up to you. If you want to share a photo or artwork share something particularly meaningful to you, a work that you are especially pleased with). Your entries this week might be long so it will take me longer to read and comment on them. I will get to all of them though as I always do. I have a busy weekend so I may not get started until next week.


39 thoughts on “Prompt 21 My Story

  1. I have been thinking about this then writing and rewriting in my mind ever since you have us foreshadowing into the theme. Still thinking 🙂

      1. I’ll try, but this is one intense class. Well, it is to someone who hasn’t taken a class in about 25 years. No promises. Just wanted you to know I was thinking about you (as I procrastinated writing my assignment).

  2. In one of those strange co-incidences that seem to mark my life, I had recently written a piece in response to a different writing challenge project. Seeming rather dark for the intent of the project, I didn’t post (nor carry on with the challenge — obviously my frame of mind was not pulling towards the light), but kept it in my bulging writing folders on my computer.
    Your own tale, and the prompt seemed like a more “sensible” (if anything I ever do is sensible, lol) reason to post it. So with a few edits here and there: for short. Think my linky worked too.

      1. Your blog, posts, prompts give me the opportunity to write the things that are difficult for me to write about. Important is the opportunity reveal more about me than I would usually offer up.
        And since writing = therapy = writing is my mantra to the stability and calm equation, I really appreciate the way you allow us, your readers, to share things we might never let loose any other way.
        Thank you!

      1. And my post, I fear, may not be entirely what everyone else has done….but I have my reasons.

  3. I was born inside a book. All I’ve ever known are words, letters, pages and covers. I wouldn’t want outside of a book because it’s probably boring and I NEVER get tired of stories. Books tell me facts and they tell me secrets. They take me to far away places and introduce me to strange and wonderful creatures.

    Sometimes I tell my books stories and the the words I say just appear on a new blank page. The books love it when I do that. They flap their pages and slam their hard covers on the table in a round of applause. I take a bow and then settle down for a nap, while they cover and protect me, as I clutch onto a deckle edge and dream.

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