FabianPerezArt by: Fabian Perez

She yields

To impassive streets

To effervescent alleys

The color of lit pumpkins


Milk pale

She paints her mouth

In suffering shades

Of scarlet


Brows, moon-arched

She poses demurely


A paper umbrella

Siphoning starlight

From the sallow glow

Of orphaned dreams




Her intimation

Into the smiling lines

Of his palms


Tears the color

Of mercury

He translates

Her breath

On canvas


She prefers

Cherry blossoms

Tissue thin hearts




Writer’s Block argh


24 thoughts on “Geisha

  1. I love that “her stitches her intimations into the smiling lines of his palms” — it’s so small and SO BIG!!! Happy writer’s block, MLM 🙂

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