Art by: Bruno Wagner

Copper coins dance

Inside her irises,

A gyroscope

Spinning infidelities,

Pieces of self soaked

In rice wine vinegar,

Pieces of self bloated

And hemorrhaging

Stacked haphazardly

Into the pixels

Of an electroluminescent

Alter ego


She is a myth

That no one seeks

To translate

A forgery

That when disclosed

Would unmask

The world


A cavernous heart

Seeking regard

Reveals only

That which appalls


Has a longer shelf life

Than virtue

She is a mirror

Of humanities

Unclaimed beliefs


Youth fears inversion

The wisdom that quiets


The burden

Of moral acquisition

And poetic cohabitation

She is a heroine

Immodestly dressed

A villain

Recycled in tabloids


She fears the concavity

Of those sinuous curves

Which sulk

And in lamentation


The seething inertia

Of a smug defeat

She fears sleep

For the public


So quickly

The muse

Under which

They dream


She is the summit

A delusion of grandeur


By a vociferous audience

The media is cannibalistic

She’ll be consumed

By her fame

By the loneliness bred

In its shadows

She is not herself


A covetous Ego

Alters the gravity

Of her soul

She is

Earth and sky





29 thoughts on “Fame

  1. Fame consumes on the vanity of such people. Blinded by the burning light of fame, they forget that it is licking at their bodice as well.
    Very well-written… enjoyed it. πŸ™‚

    1. I don’t know too much about individual celebrities since I had a daughter it seems I only watch cartoons and I’ve totally lost touch with the media and current events lol I would say it was a more general statement on fame though I always think of Marilyn Monroe when I think of beautiful and tragic celebrities. I am looking forward to American Horror Story which is completely unrelated lol

  2. What an extraordinary writer you are. I loved this poem. You have such a wonderful command of language. Excellent.

  3. nice….she is the myth no one seeks…that whole stanza packs a punch…love the coins in the eyes in the opening as well…there is some interesting symbolism in that….cool piece…

  4. For me, this poem is incredibly hard to understand (had to look at the dictionary a lot lol). But once I understood every word, I find it amazing. Soon you might have to invent a language because English is not rich enough to picture the beauty of your thoughts.

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