Shepherd Senryu and Silver Senryu



He endears the light

Of a simpering Goddess

Through guileless slumber


You gather your heart,

A suitcase overflowing

With nomadic vows

North Star

You are Polaris

The light that welcomes me home

When all hope seems lost


Your thighs surrender

Silver and Dionysian

To a savage mouth

I seem to be headed for my seizure cycle again (seizures through the night), lost an entire 1 hour yesterday and was late getting Isadora from school. After the lost time I had a massive headache which I still have so this might be gibberish I can’t even tell.

Submission for

Haiku Heights

32 responses to “Shepherd Senryu and Silver Senryu

  1. Agree with everybody. Far from gibberish. I like North Star most. By the way, I haven’t read your poems for days. Had a problem with the internet connection. Will catch up now. Take care, M. 🙂

  2. Do take care Candice and you need the rest!! You do churn out beautifully even when you are having a hard time!! Nomad is the best and North Star has a lot of depth!! Lovely!!

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