Swimming Snippets


Serpents ride the curves

Of my suspended flesh

Graceless limbs culling

False winds

In parody of flight



I ripen in adversity

In sympathetic tides

That adjust my gravity

In ethereal currents

That stir my inert heart

Into joyous rebellion



Christened in chlorine

I am free to traverse

More pernicious seas



My whole life

I have struggled

Against my anatomy

Bones as obelisks

Sinews as tethers

I have stood, imperious

Desiring above all

To remain safely




Adrift on the horizon

Palms concave

I draw the sun closer

By degrees


I started adult swimming lessons lastnight! For me swimming is about becoming more independent learning to trust my body and the universe. I fight against every aspect of my nature including my anatomy, I get so rigid sometimes I can’t even move naturally. My back is deformed because of constantly curving in on myself. I love the water and it is one unknown I don’t fear so I thought swimming would be a good place to start on my quest to becoming more confident. When I arrived I noticed everyone had flotation devices so I grabbed mine and got to practicing not 3 minutes into it the teacher said I didn’t need the flotation device and I was the only one in the whole class who didn’t have one (either she believed in me or she wanted me to drown lol) so I swam as best as I could in my own wonky disjointed way back and forth across the pool the whole time. It was pretty hard work but once in a while, just for a second I would get it right and it was like flying!

22 responses to “Swimming Snippets

  1. woohoo…god on you and swimming lessons…there is a cool freedom that happens when you know how to swim…a weightlessness…its really cool…stirring the inert heart into joyous rebellion…ha…love that line….

    • I am excited =) I really want to learn the crawl the first lesson was breast stroke but the next they mentioned the crawl. I can float on my back quite well but that feels like cheating I want to swim swim lol

  2. Congratulations, MLM! Swimming is a great way to explore your physical being and to get embodied. Love this cycle of poems too — such imagery. Serpents riding suspended flesh… Magic!

    • Thank you Marya! I exercise daily but I thought learning to swim would be good for me mentally and physically since it is a different kind of workout and easier on the joints! I noticed I worked my back a lot and those are weakest muscles I have really strong abs so it is really unbalanced I am hoping to remedy that. I also have weak shoulders because of injuries and severe pinched nerves so they can’t take heavy weights I am hoping this will help get some of my mobility and strength back

  3. Powerfull words, some sounding all to familiar! I am so happy your swimming lessons started and it is going great! I remember a neighbour at seaside, he was in a wheelchair,because he lost control over his legs in a mountain climbing accident. He loved the water so much,because it was the only place where he loved his body, where he felt completely free and alive again.

    • That is a beautiful story! When I worked in the gym a young woman I worked with her husband had no arms she was an avid swimmer and encouraged him to try it. about most things he was pretty fearless growing up with no arms he was tough but he was scared of the water, still he tried it and he loved it as well. I really believe in water therapy

  4. so very lovely! my favorite stanza is the last…i see it symbolically, as in the whole of our lives are struggles and our limbs struggle alongside us.

    good luck with your swim lessons! ❤

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