Spoiling Snippets



I was never impartial

Not in regards to your heart

Which I hung

Irreverently in the firmament

A sanguine moon

Always ripe but unavailable

In its quicksilver revolutions

Around those, less radiant suns


I held you for only a moment

Just long enough to elevate

A dervish, I watch you tantrum

Destroy that which was intended to placate

I know your emptiness

That way it siphons all condolence

So that even in company

You remain, alone


I would have done anything

To make you happy

Except love you as is

An ideal spilling untamed

From riotous constellations

A burden borne of indulgence

I wanted to dream

Without the risk

Of intimacy


I wanted the Goddess

Not the mortal

For you are so curiously broken

And I, too pitilessly human

Not to judge



Once fallen even a smile

May hinder

Do not wash your face

In my presence

There is nothing beneath

That would bid me stay



I’m a ruthless man

So long as you are garnished

I’ll watch you spoiling


This is about the tragedy of being born beautiful, of being spoiled and idealized but never loved genuinely. This is fictional at least I am not any of the characters


The Transcendent Order (snippets)

making zen Wallpaper__yvt2


What is happiness to the savage

Who knows naught but being?

To the savage

Who does not question his purpose

But lives each moment

As if it were singular, sacred



A man who understands

The worth of his life

Is a man who does not question

The worth of his being

Because his hands and heart

Are sincere in their occupations



Do not speak of becoming

Do not speak wastefully

Act only as your soul compels



By our very composition

We belong

Elemental, inseparable,

We our not isolated

Within an unsparing universe

We are as one


I have been down on myself lately so I thought I could use a little philosophy. This comes to you from The Transcendent Order, it is one of the philosophical factions in Planescape Torment, I get the impression that the beliefs are much derived from  Zen Buddhism and Taoism. I am compelled to write and I feel that it is my purpose though I have so much doubt about my ability, Putting those doubts aside I am just going to write as my soul compels lol Maybe my writing will touch another person someday =)  I love philosophy haha

Senryu Assorted



My expectant hands

Cannot absolve the trespass

Of your absence



Bellicose in loss

You animate my language

With your savage frown



My ribs crack open

Entrails invading the den

Of an unstrung heart



I fear stagnation

The compression of regrets

Into despotic whims



My heart is tender

A delicacy suited

To anomalous tastes



Your eyes seek the stars

Despite burden, endeavor

Doggedly to dream



Truth is a phantom

Interred within the chambers

Of a nascent heart


Does anyone know of a good free word program? I am using Open Office and it is worse than wordpress about messing with the formatting.

9 oz

Dark Evil Woman

Swaddled inside a handkerchief

Nines ounces of red ripe fruit

Gifted, that you might preserve

That which fear bid me consume


I have writer’s block right now it is a confidence thing mostly I psyched myself out 😛 The female heart weighs about 9 oz hint hint haha


elena kalis 1

My thighs are strong and chaste

They revoke those invitations

Which my deferential mouth

Would unknowingly make


Behind my ribs a vulturous heart

Hungers for impermanence

I idle in this flesh, in this obedience

To my ancestral responsibilities 


The mirror does not compose me

But the sea with her malformations

And misappropriations of light

Understands that I, too, am volatile


I live that you may adorn me

Mute and malleable

I suffer the gloaming

For therein lies those dreams

Which I am forbidden

On waking to personify


Submission for

Magpie Tales



My bat-like  psyche hangs inverted

From the bough of a restive elm

The stars are my familiars

They anoint and endow me

 A shaman poet

I drink of ink and ether equally


My eyes are composed of dark matter

They remain poised beneath felt lashes

Dare me and I’ll unmake the world


I surrender savage and Mesozoic

To instincts and intuitions

Bone dragons nest inside my entrails

Lungs articulating fire, spleen an oil well

My language is unpalatable

Toxic when combined

With the nectar of a foreign tongue


I know the dusk, I have borne her

My vestal daughter courting

Elysian nocturnes, her coronet

Is lined with violets and chrysoprases

She adjusts her moods to my psychophoria

She understands me

But would never knowingly

Become me


My first attempt at a Jabberwocky I was inspired by the posts below =) I was insanely busy on Sunday (my daughter starts kindergarten today!) so I had to write this on the tram on the way to the shopping center to get school supplies lol  Psychophoria is one of my favorite words but it’s not a word exactly because I made it up (it is derived from psychosis and euphoria so happy madness)

Anja’s Post


Kyanna’s Post

Last Names (Pen Name)


Alright I am currently wrestling between Amarysse and Yves. Amarysse was your top pick by quite a margin! Yves was the second considering my husband’s vote and my bizarre attachment to the name (I also really do like Amarysse). Now we have the business of a last name and I know last names aren’t nearly as fun to select as first names but I would appreciate your feedback just the same!

Winters (the last name of and English teacher in middle school that inspired me)Grey (is my daughter’s middle name)
Desarthe and Dyason have no particular meaning other than I like them
I also like Veronese but it didn’t seem to fit with these names
If you want that I should have an initial in here tell me lol My actual middle name is Alishia. You can also suggest last names =)






When exposed

To the contrary

Society’s unclaimed scion

I” am the mythic imposter, the automaton

Ornamented with human flesh

And erratic nerves


My voice




I wanted to give the Fibonacci another shot.

For most of my life I was a pessimist with moments of optimism and realism but as I get older l find myself sliding over into realism with the occasional sprinkling of optimism or pessimism for sobering measure. Most people might consider me a pessimist simply because I am not afraid of the negative aspects of human nature but I can now accept compliments and criticisms (constructive criticism I am not invincible haha) and I find myself spending less time wallowing around when I do get sad. I think I am gradually turning into a realist.

Prompt 17 Optimist, Pessimist, Realist

optimist__pessimist__realist_by_blakeflamecandle-d3heh9zWhat are you? If you vacillate wildly between you can write about your duality or triality (which isn’t a word but ah well) or you can just go with your present frame of mind. I wrote about pessimism as years of untreated Depression have left me looking like a certain blue/grey donkey haha If you don’t want to write about yourself alternatively you can write about someone who really embodies one of these states, fictional or non fictional.  Pictures are accepted as well =)