I want you to write about an experience where you lost control (of your emotions, impulses, mind, body, life whatever). You do not have to write about this topic in the negative (you know I did haha) you can talk about falling in love, sky diving for the first time, having a baby, moving to another country there are just as many positive examples as negative so don’t feel that you have share something gut-wrenching (you are most welcome but the choice is yours). You can even write about something like the freedom of dance or getting carried away by your muse. Pictures are welcome! I did not paint this picture it is a wallpaper found on Google.


45 thoughts on “Prompt 18 “Losing Control”

      1. And finally done! I did fall asleep because it was a tough one to write.
        I hate the nightmares that stay with you long after you wake. Hopefully all is better now 🙂

  1. Well, this inspires me a lot to write about something I wanted to write for a long time now, and seeing this prompt of your now it just felt like something clicked. I REALLY hope I will have time to finish it!:D

  2. Great prompt — of course, I’m torn: the “optimist” I wasn’t last week, has a tale of love, the pessimist — well you can imagine. Perhaps I can weave both stories together (or is that my usual cheating, Ooops, I mean fudging, the rules, lol.

      1. I’m sorry, M. I deleted my entry for the prompt. I didn’t like it. I’ll try to write a better one, but can’t promise anything this time… 🙂

      1. You have indeed but I bet you have loads of stories to tell =) Falling in love. Orgasms. Anger. Revenge. Accidents (I have fallen down the stairs way too many times haha). Illness (I wrote about Epilepsy but if you have ever very ill or injured and not had full control over or use of your body). Dancing. Even childhood because you don’t have control over your life and decisions are made for you. Rebellion as a teenager (all those impulses can leave us a bit crazy). Are some examples

  3. I ended up taking a 2 stage approach. First are three horrible sonnets, then a poem (that I wrote several other mornings ago)
    All deal with being out of control on some level. Thanks for the great prompt!

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  5. Late, late, late, but my entry is finally in and I wanted to thank you for making this prompt and letting me redecisover and re-conquer a part of myself because of it.

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