I know you have been curious to see what I would choose.  I don’t think it is what you expected exactly considering that this name wasn’t exactly part of the quiz. I considered all your suggestions, which I found extremely helpful as it helped me to ultimately find the name that resonated with me.

So without further ado and baring any unforeseen objections (because I may have overlooked something obvious)

I chose

Yves K. Morrow

That is the first bit of business. The second piece of business is the matter of a biography. The little blurb on the back of the book. Is there anyone willing to write that? You can ask me any questions anything from the most personal to the most random. I do want my identity to remain anonymous. If you want you can talk about my poetry instead of me as a person. You can even make up a character if you wanted lol Whatever just something interesting to occupy that space =)

I want to be anonymous if I use a photograph if by some random chance a family member came across it they would undoubtedly recognize me. Should I try for a very abstract photo of myself? Artwork that represents somehow my aura? I can’t actually draw or paint so no idea how I would do that lol Or should I just not have any type of photo?


21 thoughts on “Pen Name Selected!

  1. Great name, I am glad you picked it and can get that of your list.
    As for the photo of yourself, do whatever it feels like and comfortable, an abstract shot of yourself or an edit photo of yourself,as long as you like it and are ok with it.

    1. I am too and this one suits me better even though it’s not as pretty as Amarysse. My favorite photo of myself is the one I used in my poem Solitary. Ironically despite it being less distinct it looks very much like me lol I have a very distinct look unfortunately when I want to be anonymous haha because I am alarmingly easy to recognize. You have no idea how many people approach me years later people that I met once or twice and they can tell exactly who I am.

  2. You can do a side shadow profile. I’ve seen those and they look pretty good…you can’t tell at all who the person is and yet it gives you a sense of familiarity. Love the name you finally settled on! I always thought the little bio blurbs were written by the authors themselves. That would give you full control over content. In the end, it’s all about what you think reflects yourself the best in a way that you are comfortable with.

    1. Do you have a visual example I would love to see that! I am happy with the name. Are they? I just assumed someone else wrote them as I haven’t seen too many in first person. I would feel pretty weird writing about myself in 3rd person. Right now I am very depressed and I have a very low opinion of myself I think if I wrote it some of that would come out and I really don’t want that negativity to contaminate my book. I am so down today crying all morning. This bio is by far the hardest part for me.

      1. Hmm, I can’t recall any places where I’ve seen side shadow profiles of authors online, and I have no idea what the names of the books are, but I think if you took a picture with a side profile and then darkened it completely it would have the same effect.

        I know what you mean about writing in the 3rd person about yourself. Most of the author bios I’ve read in the back are pretty dry. If you want to keep your identity anonymous, you can create a character specifically for your pen name and include interests and a background for her that are completely unrelated to yourself. Try not to be so hard on yourself. You sound like your own worst critic, which means you have to consciously take off your critic’s hat and allow yourself to breathe a little. One step at a time will get things done.

      2. I love biographies but the author bios on the back are hideously dry and I don’t want that. I just really can’t figure that part out I am thinking of making up a character or maybe but a poem about my muse or something a little bit different I just haven’t riddled it out yet. I am terrible to myself. Honestly I had the worst nightmare of my life recently and I have just been very off since then. It was so disturbing and usually I am not the least bit bothered by having nightmares, I usually think they are interesting but this dream left me very fragile. Unless it was symbolic it didn’t seem to have anything to do with my life.

  3. I like the name — is the K. a hidden secret, an anagram, an enigma?

    Question re photograph without reveling identity:
    Since I’m horribly unphotogenic, a lot of my on line photos have been taken from behind.
    One trick I’ve used, is to take a picture of myself in the mirror, but of course, positioning the camera so it covers my face. I use bathroom mirrors at home, in stores, in cafes — I have a whole collection of mirror shots (sometimes putting my little digital camera on top of my head pointing down.) The other thing I’ve done was at my mother’s house — she had two mirrors opposite each other so you could do some neat affects.
    I’ve just got a simple photo program on my computer, but I did fool around with shots — color, the blur/whirl (put it right by my head).
    As to your bio — one idea might be for you to write a sample one — the kind of information you are looking for — the art of the haiku; how your poetry fits/doesn’t fit neatly into this genre; why you like haiku, etc. — then whoever does ultimately write the bio (you or someone else) will have a template.
    This must be so exciting!

    1. I have something in my own mind for the K lol

      I am going to have to experiment the picture might end up looking rather scary lol

      I am not going the haiku book yet, right now I am working on the regular poetry book. I am not even sure what genre my work would be classified in to tell you the truth. I really don’t know about the bio part it has me a little distraught I don’t like myself ya know?

      1. You could think you were writing about someone else with the same etc.
        Asking someone to help you with it is a good idea too. Hope you find a good biographer!
        Sorry I keep messing up which project is which!

  4. I like the name! To my ear it sounds mysteriously beautiful and I think it really suits your poetry. And yes, you should use an artwork that represents your aura. Or a sketch.

      1. I don’t know how much shipping is to tell you the truth lol I live in Sweden so I often have to pay international shipping fees so I know your pain. Thank you so much!

  5. I’m glad you chose the name “Yves” – as you know, it was my favourite 🙂 Are you publishing a poetry book? As for the picture…I agree with Elia…artwork or sketch would suit you.
    Have you got someone to do the blurb yet?

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