Spoiling Snippets



I was never impartial

Not in regards to your heart

Which I hung

Irreverently in the firmament

A sanguine moon

Always ripe but unavailable

In its quicksilver revolutions

Around those, less radiant suns


I held you for only a moment

Just long enough to elevate

A dervish, I watch you tantrum

Destroy that which was intended to placate

I know your emptiness

That way it siphons all condolence

So that even in company

You remain, alone


I would have done anything

To make you happy

Except love you as is

An ideal spilling untamed

From riotous constellations

A burden borne of indulgence

I wanted to dream

Without the risk

Of intimacy


I wanted the Goddess

Not the mortal

For you are so curiously broken

And I, too pitilessly human

Not to judge



Once fallen even a smile

May hinder

Do not wash your face

In my presence

There is nothing beneath

That would bid me stay



I’m a ruthless man

So long as you are garnished

I’ll watch you spoiling


This is about the tragedy of being born beautiful, of being spoiled and idealized but never loved genuinely. This is fictional at least I am not any of the characters

18 responses to “Spoiling Snippets

  1. I can see a happy go lucky man who transforms from within, into a sad soul, through your words.
    We judge… we always judge somehow. I try my best not to but I would be hypocritical if I just blame others for that. Because I am as guilty as anyone else.
    It takes not long for some one to go astray. I have experienced this in my own life.
    I can understand your interpretation and marvel at it. I just shared what I interpreted myself.

  2. Wow, love these, they say so much and link together so perfectly…they MUST go in your poetry book! LOL – I’m not really the boss of that, of course, just I’d like to see them in it!! 🙂 🙂

  3. i wanted to dream without the risk of intimacy….can that even happen?
    the spoiling one at the end, while so short, is so evocative….and sad…its powerful in the imagery it conjures….
    happy saturday poet

    • Thank you Brian =) It is sad indeed and I don’t think you dream without intimacy either but people try so hard to keep themselves hidden in relationships. Awww you called me poet!

  4. “…and I too pitilessly human not to judge”. Wow, is that ever powerful. Loved this unfolding, and your process notes. It must be difficult to be loved for who one truly is when born beautiful.

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