My expectant hands

Cannot absolve the trespass

Of your absence



Bellicose in loss

You animate my language

With your savage frown



My ribs crack open

Entrails invading the den

Of an unstrung heart



I fear stagnation

The compression of regrets

Into despotic whims



My heart is tender

A delicacy suited

To anomalous tastes



Your eyes seek the stars

Despite burden, endeavor

Doggedly to dream



Truth is a phantom

Interred within the chambers

Of a nascent heart


Does anyone know of a good free word program? I am using Open Office and it is worse than wordpress about messing with the formatting.


25 thoughts on “Senryu Assorted

  1. no clue about the software… I write using word and then cut and paste to WP once I’ve finished, but I don’t really format things…

    1. I don’t format things either but in open office if you hit backspace, if you type a new line, if you do anything at all even sometimes if you do nothing it changes formatting it is very very glitchy

  2. These are fabulous senryus. I love the way you write. Sorry I can’t help with the formatting either as I use notepad mostly to cut and paste.

  3. Wonderful…I think Crush has inspired something. Unfortunately I am not sure I can write it down this morning before work. Loved this and thank you for the inspiration.

      1. I wrote down the skeletons of it 🙂 Also sketched what I could see to remind me of the feel. I will let you know.

  4. I use Notepad for formatting. I write stuff in Word first, then copy it there. If I copy directly from Word or just write straight here to WP, the spacing is horrid if you do not mess with code.

      1. Yes,the prices of programs are outrageous if you ask me, thankfully,those I have have been necessery for education,so I was given money to buy them.
        Notepad is pritty ok,it is all in all,about the words and about you. I have also been informed that with self-publishing,it is hard to pull of any complicated and intricate formating anyways.

      2. Trust me I want everything simple! Sam can just look at a broken computer and will spontaneously function (it freaks his co-workers out) but me and anything electronic it is a disaster. I think my open office is possessed by something there is really nothing natural about the problems I am having lol

  5. I like all the senryus, but my favorite is “Jaded”. 🙂

    I still don’t quite get it, M. You need a good program that will support any formats you want for your poetry, right? I think Word or Notepad are good enough because poetry formats are pretty simple. I use Word all the time or sometimes just write directly here on WP…

    1. I don’t format the problem is Open Office does even when you don’t touch anything lol It will randomly change the spacing between your lines. I never touch that stuff I just type but all of a sudden I will end up with a differently spaced line and once it does that you can’t reset it to default. Sometimes it changes the size of your letters (by itself I always keep it on 12 and never touch it). It just does not work. Even if it appears to work when you copy and paste it to wordpress it will be right back to looking ridiculous.

      Thank you so much Elia =)

  6. first and the last are my favs….the truth one at the end is really strong…the trespass of your absence though is one of those lines i wish i had written…smiles….

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