Dark Evil Woman

Swaddled inside a handkerchief

Nines ounces of red ripe fruit

Gifted, that you might preserve

That which fear bid me consume


I have writer’s block right now it is a confidence thing mostly I psyched myself out 😛 The female heart weighs about 9 oz hint hint haha


38 thoughts on “9 oz

  1. For writer’s block, you still amaze. Do not talk yourself into writer’s block…..if you claim it, you may own it. Just keep writing…anything and everything. What sounds bad to you, may truly bless someone else. I am one of your biggest fans!! Big hugs, Sweet Friend!

    1. Awww thank you Skye =) I write regardless that is part of my training to write everyday no matter how I feel it is tough sometimes but even if I don’t produce something good I think the effort is valuable =)

      1. I come from a large family (12 siblings) and I STILL to this day “protect” my food when I eat…. I stabbed my oldest brother with a fork when I was a kid when he tried to steal my meatloaf… HELL NO! That’s MINE!

  2. I’m having a little trouble picturing you with writer’s block, but if you say so. Glad you annotated because my mind was going placental! Whew! Any way, striking image just the same.

  3. someone…somewhere will put that in some foil and place it in a book of poetry…to float among the Persian poets… you will get two thumbs up from Rumi….maybe three

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