I really want to collect a selection of my poems for a book of poetry.  I have quite a lot of poems here at wordpress, I do not believe they are all book ready but with some hard-work and love maybe lol Once I have done the tedious part of digging through everything I have written I’ll see if there is enough left to make a book! I will continue of course to write and post daily. I want to make a separate book for haiku. If you guys could help me that would be fantastic! In the comments please chose one poem that you like =) If anyone would be willing to help me edit that would be fantastic as you know I have Epilepsy and the constant mental fog creates a type of Dyslexia, it is very hard for me to spot mistakes. I proofread obscenely because of this, in fact I probably spend more time proofreading than writing!  I also need to think of a pen name! If anyone knows anything at all about self-publishing feel free to share your wisdom and experience. I know of the negatives involved, I realize I might invest and not manage to sell even a single book but even so I want to go for it!

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  1. I think publishing a book of your poetry/haiku sounds like a wonderful idea. My daughter had a book of my work published by for Mother’s Day, a beautiful gift. You may want to check out what has to offer. All the best, Lisa.

    1. Awwww thank you so much =) You can choose a poem that you like. One of my weaknesses is formatting my poems attractively. Unless I am working with an established form I rarely think about it to be honest. I have some poems that are just blocks of text no stanzas. Is this okay? If you have any tips on how to make a poem look more palatable at a glance that would be great! I am not a visual person. I could send you a poem and you could help with one?

      1. I’m a huge fan of stanzas of 3 lines, I just find it the most readable personally. I used to write huge blocks of texts too, but it really does make a difference!

  2. I am at the same place you are. I just started putting my poetry together for a book, as well. It is exciting and terrifying to say the least. I support you fully, and if I can help in any way, just let me know. Big hugs…lots of love….and I will keep this in my prayers for you!

  3. You know allready you have my support, but pick 1? You are being very cruel! 🙂 I don’t know much about self-publishing,seeing I am just starting to explore it for a possible book of my own, but what I can help you with is the cover. I would gladly do one for you,if the way I do them sparks your interest.I am not a professional tho or anything, so don’t worry about hurting my feelings by saying No or anything:)
    You should most defenatly do this publishing thing! By the time you do it I belive PayPal will be sorted for my country and I can purchase a copy 🙂

    1. Well you can pick as many as you like haha I just need a little help selecting lol Thank you so much! My husband would be sad though because his favorite part is the cover but if he is too busy or hid Depression or pain would make him unable or unwilling I will definitely be asking for your assistance =) If not I can just send a copy in the snail mail haha I don’t care about money. I don’t actually know how much to charge, what is the standard price? Sam has sold things online and he said if I charge too little people won’t purchase because they will assume it is low quality (he used to charge the min. but nobody bought anything so he did research), I want to charge the minimum I can without that happening lol

      1. It really depends. Like you said, when you put it for 99 cents, people often get impression it is of low quality, they do not know how to appriciate the fact you wanna give them something as great as book for so little money, it is the nowadays trend (well,it was there previous years also) that the price dictates the quality. I am really bad about pricing, most people label me an idiot because I always do work and give stuff away for free 😀

      2. I am the same way I want to give everything away lol With my first book made by hand we did just that actually and if you don’t have paypal I will send you a book for free. I am so confused about this pricing because I want the book to be of
        a high quality like a real book ya know but not charge outrageously, I will probably have hubby set the price or just use the price average of similar books because I really do not know

  4. You have a lot of terrific book material. I love your ocean haikus that you posted recently. Those are brilliant, as well as the Fish haiku. Those two posts really stand out in my mind. But all of your poems so lovely, it would be such a pleasure to read any of them in a book.

  5. i dont know too much on the self publishing side…i have editted a few books for friends, so if you need let me know…know i need longer deadlines with work but…

  6. You have lots of wonderful poems here, but if I had to pick one, I’d say ‘Yard Sale’ is one that is most persistent on my mind. I haven’t discovered a better poem ever since I read that.

    About formatting, I don’t think there’s right and wrong. It’s your work, you set the rule. I myself separate the my lines of poetry into stanzas the way I do it with paragraphs in my prose. I’ll give you an example using the first sentence of this comment:

    You have lots of wonderful poems here,
    but if I had to pick one,
    I’d say

    ‘Yard Sale’

    is one that is most
    persistent on my mind.

    It doesn’t have to be like that, of course. You can arrange it any way you like. But that’s what I generally think about formatting and it looks better than just a block of text, right? 🙂

  7. Scott Matthews over at A Mystical Path uses smash words. You need to learn how to format for E books but it is free. I am very sure Scott would be a great help to you. I have checked many options and so far smash Words seems the best to me.

    1. My husband is very good with computers and code and all things techy, he works for the Swedish Meteorological Institute with all those top secret databases lol so he will set up the E-Books luckily because I know nothing about that sort of thing!

  8. I love all your poetry as you know, but specially the haiku, and no I’m not going to pick just one because that would be like a parent choosing a favourite child!! I’m delighted to hear you want to publish – you will definitely sell a book to me, that I can assure you of!! happy to correspond re the self publishing thing – I’m learning as I go along but might have some tricks or tips from my journey so far – hopefully you got my email from earlier today so we can correspond off wordpress on this topic rather than take up your comments area. 🙂

    1. LOL! I did get it and I sent you a massive one back just now. My time zone seems to be different than yours so I was probably sleeping when it arrived hence not getting back sooner. You are so sweet thank you. I do have one question do I need to send my poems for copyright and then proceed with self-publishing?

      1. I don’t know for sure ‘re that. I think with most copyright you have it automatically but there are on line providers who you can register work with. I published my novel through who arranged copyright registration for me.

  9. I read the threads as well as the original post. A friend had a recent e-book publication with Smash-something books; I helped with the editing, copy-editing and proof-reading. Her book was $3.99 (she gave her friends discount codes) and it may be included in Amazon’s e-books later on. She did have to format the manuscript to fit with the publisher’s specifications. I don’t know how poetry fairs under this kind of stipulation.
    Price point is funny. My hubby used to make jewelry, and all of his friends were also crafts folks, And, it’s true, if you charge too little, buyers think the item mustn’t be worth much!
    I like books with pictures — I tend to read the pictures as well as the words. Comes looking at old photos and book illustrations, and from an English class in Restoration Literature where we “read” Hogarth’s prints such as “Gin Alley and Beer Lane”, and “the Rake.”
    Asking for folks input is a great idea. You could even put a poll or two on your blog for further input.
    I probably missed this point (I often miss stuff) but was there a particular ambiance, genre, feel you wanted for the book? Some of your poetry, as you say, is more visceral, for example, than others. How important is structural appearance? Do you want to group poems by context, structure, length, etc.? A lot of questions for early in the process, but I think you have more than one book of poetry on your blog!
    Oh, and ps: another friend who is a poet is working on a book (paper, I suspect — he’s not big on computers) with an illustrator friend. They are trading off: the poet will write a poem for a drawing/painting, while the artist will paint/draw for the poem.
    Good luck — sounds like you’ll have lots of support throughout the whole process! I don’t know much about e-publishing or editing poetry! Just thought I’d still add my 2 cents (what would that be in euros?, lol — I can’t remember if Sweden switched completely, didn’t switch, or has a dual system).

    1. For my haiku book I was thinking of having photography or pictures. I can’t draw at all though. It would be a massive request to ask someone to draw an illustration for my poetry book and I couldn’t
      afford to pay them. I don’t know if Lulu does the discount for friends I will have to see and if it does I will use that for anyone here that is interested. I haven’t checked smashbooks? I forget the name but I will probably go with the simplest to understand site haha. At lula the base cost for my book that I owe them for their troubles is 4.95 or something and then they take 20% more from my sales (if it sells haha). Sweden hasn’t switched to euros. I think a lot of my poetry is kind of dark haha I wasn’t going to theme more going with feel does it feel right. I have some older work way back which I may need to edit, revise I don’t know how far back I will need to go to get enough poems, I know there are some poems back there that I want to use though I just don’t remember right now haha. I am thinking of 150 pages, Digest size. I am extremely unorganized I have no clue how to do this at all. My husband will probably use latech? I forget it is actually for coding but he used it when he made my first book (for fun it was never sold anywhere) and it organizes everything neatly.

      If you have any poems to suggest for the book please feel free

      1. If you are available for editing let me know it is mostly catching stuff like missing apostrophe’s, than versus then, or little things though I don’t mind if you arrange the poem more attractively lol

      2. oops, I missed this post! I’d be honoured to help in the editing process. Don’t worry, I won’t grade/mark you like I used to do with student essays, lol!

      3. Great! Glad you’ve good an experienced (read in the threads) editor ready to help you. That makes a big difference from start to finish.

      4. I think I mentioned Kellie Elmore (can’t remember if I did, or if you already know all this), and free write Fridays. She recently published a book of poetry — Magic in the Backyard (or something like that), and has an e-novella due out soon.
        I know she posts about the writing process, but I’ve never mined her blog for a particular element, like the publication process. I know she often asks her readers for input, especially for her latest project which is prose rather than poetry.
        Would you be able to use your photographs in the book? (copy writed of course!). A few pix to set the mood, to demark the change of mood, etc.
        Wendy Burnett is the woman who I helped with the editing. She blogs about her life, and the way she has learned to use alternative therapies for chronic pain/chronic illness. She might have a facebook page, too especially now that her first e-book has been published.
        I’ll gather up some urls, and I’ll also include (again, I can’t remember) Haiku Heights’ haiku challenges.
        When I still had the space (we downsized in 2006), I used to create books for specific people as gifts. My calligraphy skills are rusty right now (I found some of the work I’d done with a pen and inkpot including lots of nibs.) Now I cheat and use calligraphy markers or pens that contain the ink. (having trouble with words this afternoon). I can’t draw, and would love to be able to create the wonderful first letter that medieval manuscripts have. Of course, with computer fonts, you can “write” like a 13th century monk!

      5. That is really cool that you did calligraphy my artistic skills are abysmal. With my first book I will keep it pretty simple and clean I think, I am so overwhelmed at the thought of editing all this organizing it and then going out and taking hundreds of photos I think I would have a nervous breakdown lol The haiku its easier because they don’t really need editing and that have a form

      6. PS: If the above is overly redundant, out of sync, or whatever — my apologies. My memory and my cognitive skills are at a low right now.
        I do have a response to your latest prompt — I hesitate to post because it’s pretty dark. Had a anti-d crash, and that means I’m spiking down; that doesn’t make me much of an optimist, I’m afraid!

      7. I am sorry to hear you are feeling Depressed and hope that soon you will feel better. Please do post your work, even if dark, my own work gets quite dark and negative as well. My memory is so terrible that you could tell me everyday and I would continue to learn something new every time I read it lol

  10. Such a beautiful idea, Candice. All your works are very good of course and it would be difficult to choose. as for me and publishing of any sort, we are worlds apart. I am now also thinking of putting something down. I am as green as you 🙂

  11. This must be PSSS: I can’t haiku, and I’m always impressed by those who can do so!
    I was just thinking that if you did have some pix that augmented the poetry, you might be able to include it. Also, once you have decided on which haikus you want to use, the picture might already exist, or an image come to you.
    I should stop! I’m really brambling today!
    When I get going . . . I’ll just blame my over abundance of words (and PSs) on my bipolar 2, lol.
    And as to the memory — I asked an email friend for her snail mail address about 6 or 7 times in a row! That’s why I carry around a notebook and a pen. My sorta smart phone is supposed to record voice — then I could keep up with myself, lol.

    1. My husband has some fabulous nature photos so I am sure I have some photos =) I am not sure where I will get some photos though seeing as I can’t travel. How will get desert photos for example haha I have to figure that out

      1. Perhaps there are some free use images — I don’t know how Wikipedia, for example, handles images it publishes. Same with Zemata. As you know, there are photo sharing sites like flickr and photobucket; don’t know how you go about getting permissions.
        As to the dessert — get a few cacti, some sand (to make into dunes), something as a backdrop to be the sky and mountains or other dunes. Take the picture up close and maybe it might work.?

  12. I am excited for you!
    1- I have never published self or otherwise yet… just starting to think about getting there 🙂 So I’ll be no help there.
    2- There is no way I could pick one poem. I’d suggest you go to your WP stats page where you can see which posts have the most comments and likes and review that way 🙂
    3- I will buy your book once published.
    4- I would love a copy of your first book if you have a copy still.

    1. I am looking at the stats but some of my older work has very few likes or comments but then very few people read them so I am not to sure lol I am going to definitely include some of the more popular poems. Right now I am going through a lot of phases sometimes within 5 minutes haha
      1. Proud of writing and my hardwork 2. Completely disgusted by my lack of talent 3. Upset that my work is so mediocre. 4. Excited as a child as christmas

      1. Oh I go through all those phases as well. Currently in the “I’m a talent-less hack why do I even keep pretending I can write” mode. LOL I’ll be fine once I actually write!

  13. I’ve been testing the Smahwords market with some short stories. Got a lot of sample downloads but no sales. It is free to publish though and seems to draw some attention.

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