I want to bury myself inside of you

Inside the polyurethane chambers of

Your heart, the acquired shell of a

Salt-fearing mollusk, your love

Reinforces me, galvanizes my

Mindstates, I want to know the

Truth of your being, to press my

Untasted smile to your surrendering

Mouth, to assemble your syllables

Into a life raft underneath my tongue

So that I may speak  only of art


You desire me despite the absences that

Withdraw, despite the decay muting my

Bones, I am silent but for the shudder of

Your breath, you who are my language, my

Alchemy, my reason for earthly habitation

Despite my martian ideologies, I am

Beautiful because you have held me and

Rendered me so, that is your virtuosity


(Eeeep I tried to write something romantic, there is probably a law against that somewhere lol)



34 thoughts on “Virtuoso

  1. Great job… 🙂
    If I may (as a reader), I must put forth my opinion that I think heavy-syllable words sometimes take away the charm of romantic poems.. words like polyurethane, though, have a specific meaning in the creation but when read, it is a little distracting from losing yourself in the emotions of the poem.
    I am just being honest. I hope you won’t mind. 🙂

  2. This is how I usualy end up writing about romance as well, or even worse I swim into all the worlds cliches mixed with icecream and roses 🙂
    I liked your words choice, the only thing I could say as a critique is that the formating made it a little bit hard to read this time, the emotion was not as strongly felt as it could be with different word positioning. It is still an awesome poem 😀

      1. WP sucks regarding formating, I never write directly here. I use Notepad, then copy is and post, then I Edit the details like color, bold/italic lettering and similar.
        Your presentation is great, it gives a feeling of something like breathing, its an inhale-exhale kind of format, at least that is how I see it. Just thought a slightly diff positioning in this poem would give it more strenght then it allready has (and would relieve a little bit the tension your words create maybe,like mentioned in prev comments :D)

  3. press my
    Untasted smile to your surrendering
    Mouth, to assemble your syllables
    Into a life raft underneath my tongue
    So that I may speak only of art

    wow, love those lines….really creative…i am beautiful because you held me is another wonderful line…ha…you got the romantic part down…smiles…

  4. OK….. you had me at the first line…. “I want to bury myself inside of you.” Talk about a HOOK! Wonderful wonderful poem. I really like it. You are a true wordsmith. Kudos!

  5. Like howanxious, I always open Google Translate when reading your poems haha. But I don’t think your unusual (only for me, maybe) words take away the charm. Quite the contrary, every time I find out the meanings, I think: how did these words occur to you? You know English is not my first language, but that’s not the problem. The words you choose wouldn’t occur to me in any languages.

    1. People sometimes think I have a huge vocabulary but it is really just that the words I know are rather unusual lol. I am extremely selective in my word choices but I am not sure how my vocabulary turned out so strange maybe because I am strange

      1. Well, you need to be ‘strange’, to have your own ‘colors’, to be brilliant. My friends and family always say I’m strange. I think I’ve got to read and talk to you more so I’ll become stranger lol

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