2 thoughts on “Carbon Noise Poetry

  1. I contemplated this “Carbon Noise Poetry” like we used to contemplate navels during the flower days of Frisco.A few bottles of wine, some cheese some crackers and Angie would read some poetry and Dyrk would recite his poetry and big 380 pound Jack would strum his guitar and then maybe sing a verse or two “Dirty Songs and Backroom ballads” and we were hip and we were into our navels. I can only remember getting drunk and wondering where the hell my navel was and why the hell Dyrk had Angie and I didn’t.
    I have enjoyed contemplating this image much better.
    The title is no less than awesome.

    1. lol Grizzz I post poetry to Carbon Noise Poetry the link will take you to my submission. It is my other site but not (it is a group of writers and I am one of them)

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