Your words are unpalatable

Formidable, they reduce me

My watery blood still tastes of

Sin, of metal bars withdrawing

Decadence. I am neither free of nor

Impervious to the sting of your

Liturgical guilt. The mere acquisition

Of this human shell makes me a thief,

An apostate composed of calcified

Rinds and entropic sweetness, I am

Inscrutable, I am wicked, I am man


Casanova’s Revenge

My harem lies beyond this fence.

The hexagonal walls of a basal

Captivity separate me from those

Hens which are mine alone to

Misuse. I know the grass to be

Sweeter on the other side, for

There lies the culmination of my

Libidinous expectations of my

Impending conquests. Do you

Not see their eyes upon me?

Their insatiable desire as they

Thrash their heads upon the

Ground in gluttonous frenzy


I do not envy the farmer, that

Ice-handed murderess whom

He calls wife or lord, the way

He demures to her wishes, to

Her puritanical affectations I

Pity him that shrill triumphant

Voice of hers as she goes about

The farm snipping, emasculating

Imagine what he endures behind

Closed doors, I shudder to think


She would deny me of my precious

Juliettes of my blue-laced beauties

Of the very execution of those

Biological imperatives to which males

Are by their very nature subservient

I will make her suffer, her blood will

Curdle at the articulation of my wrath

I will cock-a-doodle-do through the

Kindling of stars with teeth-shattering

Amplitude, so long as my bed remains

Empty hers shall remain sleepless!


(The second one I was being silly, I have an inner ear problem which is making me extremely dizzy, disoriented and causing me to lean and walk constantly to the right so if I seem off, I am off, to the right haha)


24 thoughts on “Two Poems (Apostate and Casanova’s Revenge)

  1. The Apostate blew me away…”I am wicked, I am Man”…is so frigging true…
    C’s revenge..made me laugh…I once wrote a story about a farmers wife who hated the rooster and on one particularly angry morning she threw a hatchet at the rooster and hit the local preacher (who was coming around the corner of the house) right between the eyes…it was a fun story to write..maybe I’ll post it some day. right now I’m hooked on the elephant story.

  2. ugh that first one…have felt that for sure…i did not fit in at the church i grew up in..i was different…though i felt that guilt…if we all measured ourselves to the high standards set by some i wonder who in the end might make it…oh wicked man….

    sorry i am late…been sick all day and then after lunch the boy i am keeping this summer got sick and its been a mess…offline most of the day….

    1. The guilt really sticks even if you are no longer of the Christian faith. I think we have to meet our own standards first and foremost, if I followed my parents teachings unfortunately I would have turned out well I can’t imagine it is too awful. I think we inherently know the right path sometimes we don’t listen, sometimes we forget how to listen but the answers inside of us nonetheless. I hope you feel better Brian rest up and recover that is most important

  3. Look deeply into the well and far below you will see a reflection of virtues surrendered, ideals forsworn and sometimes a light leading us out of the darkness of our soul! Excellent writing my dear. Your command of word use is staggering! And cock-a-doodle-do!

  4. Being dizzy is awful! Hope you feel better soon. Your writing doesn’t appear to have suffered, though. The first poem is thought provoking and the second, hilarious!

  5. I loved the 1st poem more.
    “My watery blood still tastes of

    Sin, of metal bars withdrawing

    In many times I felt that I’ve been nearer to God after my sin battles.

      1. Lovely, thank you! Do you have a name we can publish it under? And also could you write us a one-sentence description of the poem (its central theme or inspiration) – to help readers?

      2. Is it okay to do under mindlovemisery? Apostate is about original sin. I have never been able to wrap my mind around the value of teaching children that they are inherently wicked, I have seen so many people immobilized by religious guilt and conversely it seems to lead people to do some pretty despicable things if only to themselves.

      3. Thanks for the description πŸ™‚ We would really prefer to publish under a name (email us, if you prefer), but if you’re uncomfortable we could also do initials – your real ones or MLM if you’d like?

      4. I understand and actually I have just come up with the pen name I intend to use for my book. If that name is acceptable it would be fantastic and provide consistency

        Yves K. Morrow

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