Her harlot red mouth

Wraps around my aorta

Forcing my pulse down



I’m ripe and willing

Remove my chastening rind

Break me down, taste me


Heart line

Hold me as if yours

Stroke my heart line with your tongue

Ravish destiny



Of my life a door

That offers no safe passage

I wait, closet-pressed



However fragile

Beauty, such as I, possess

Summons not through flesh

But drips hot and ambrosial

From the barrel of a pen



You wear your brows drawn

A darkened face, in darkness kept

Cinched throat, menacing



The Devil’s hand rests

Inside my knotted entrails

Submissively tense


When I write I don’t worry about gender so the first one is written as if the writer were male

Submission for

Haiku Heights


30 thoughts on ““Squeeze” Senryu and 1 Tanka

  1. It is lunch time and I see two oranges staring at me 😉 Now you know what will happen to them next!! The closeted one the growl and being knotted inside is just sad and requires more relaxing techniques to be practiced …..like squeezing that orange for a yummilicious drink!!

  2. Hold me as if yours
    Stroke my heart line with your tongue
    Ravish destiny

    Wonderful take but I particularly like this one. It gives a sense of sensuousness. And it goes very well with the pic. Nicely!


  3. is it hot in here?
    drips from the barrel of my pen eh?
    stroke my heart with your tongue…
    well the house might burn down today
    just saying. ha.
    nice heat…

      1. haha thank you so much Melanie I understood. You have no idea how many times I have left a comment, which I hoped would convey my love of a piece only to realize that my fingers and brain were not working together!

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