In high school my mom got tickets for a concert, mixed artists, and one of the bands performing was The Verve Pipe. I was stoked, it was my first concert and one of my favorite bands was performing. Couldn’t be better right? Why yes it could! My mom decided I should go with my dad, my dad is a psychopath/paranoid Schizophrenic/alcoholic he does not like people. He can’t even stay in a room with his siblings and they love him despite all he’s done (my dad is also the man who drove from NC to Florida to take me to Disney World for my 7th birthday at my mom’s request only to drive us home after an hour there). I got him to the concert, he was freaking out in a major way I could tell. I thought if I could just hear this one song we could leave. It was insanely hot, 100 degrees. We were outside, packed in with a hundred sweaty bodies and me with my dad who doesn’t bathe, which means he really does smell like decaying meat (imagine that for a minute in the heat). Then it starts to rain, I mean pour we were soaked. It’s refreshing in a way but shortly after the rain it gets sunny again. I have very fair skin, very fair skin when wet it doesn’t burn it cooks. My legs were tomato red/blistering, it felt like the bones had broken underneath my muscles. Still no Verve Pipe and my dad can’t take it people are drinking and he can’t drink and well there are people. He starts to completely freak out so I obviously we’ve got no choice but to go home. We get to the car and it won’t start I mean really won’t start, my dad will not ask for help from anyone at the concert he has to get away from the crowd he can’t stand it anymore. He steers and I push the car for  miles (with these seriously burnt legs, in a 100 degree weather sick as as a dog) before he will concede to ask for help! Have you seen my dad? Well NO ONE in their right mind would ever stop to help him, he looks utterly deranged, wild-eyed and violent. Even the cops won’t stop! So my dad hides and I flag down a car for help I feel pretty bad about it when the poor man catches sight of my dad but he is reassured by me and thankfully won’t leave me in that situation so the guy helps us with the car and we manage, barely to get home. My dad gets drunk immediately.  So that was my first concert. The next time my mom got concert tickets to Aerosmith she actually took me herself I actually saw that concert!


2 thoughts on “Day 18 “A Song You’ve Heard Live”

    1. It is one of those situation that is so ridiculous and so frustrating that you just end up laughing about it. Even though it’s not all that funny it is sufficiently absurd

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