I chose this for my guilty pleasure song because it is a song I can listen to over and over again. My husband hates Damien Rice so I listen to it with headphones in secret so he doesn’t make fun of me lol


4 thoughts on “Day 17 “A Guilty Pleasure Song”

      1. I tease aswell 🙂 I just think it happens cause we are both passionate about music we listen to, plus he is a musician so he sometimes thinks he simply “knows better” and does not listen when I express a personal liking to something he might deem bad music.Happens rarely tho, don’t know why he hates Staind so much, he usualy only complains and mocks that one 😀

      2. Sam isn’t a muscian and in many cases our tastes crossover but every now and then we like something offensive to the other lol On the other hand though many times he introduces me to something new and awesome

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