Virtue cast aside

I am too far from Canaan

To become a star


Heaven shrinks and swells

Depending on the angle

Of my intentions


Blurry Monet sky

Braided chains unraveling

Blinding pirouettes


I summon the wind

Sunburnt thighs pumping madly

Icarus’ first flight


You stand nonchalant

In the seat of a worn swing

Swaying my resolve


On a wooden plank

I sail above elvish trees

Queen of the forest


When I was a kid my dad sent me to day camp to learn how to make Native American pottery the swing set was in a clearing in the woods so I used to imagine the trees were my minions when I was swinging

Submission for

Haiku Heights


51 thoughts on “Swing Haiku

  1. ha. the heaven shrinking and swelling one, that is my fav…our intentions def color that…smiles…also the elvish touch in the last…smiles…happy sunday poet…

      1. my heart breaks that you have no reeses pieces…
        seriously i would ship you a box…
        and hide it in wood chips or something
        so the search dogs would not find it…
        how do you not have RP…what is this world coming to?

      2. I don’t know Brian I just don’t know “shakes head” I think you can send candy to Sweden, when we lived in the states Sam’s mom sent him goodies and it turned out alright haha I really love Reese’s Pieces (as I am sure you can understand), they have so much candy so I just don’t know how they can justify that omission lol

  2. The second haiku and the last one are outstanding!! Loved the little childhood fantasy!! Imagination running so wildly, without any restrictions!! Beautiful!! πŸ™‚

  3. I adore these lines: “Heaven shrinks and swells…Braided chains unraveling…I summon the wind”
    Wonderful πŸ™‚

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