This week you are writing your own fairytale! I do not care if you make the fairytale appropriate for children as I attempted  to do or if you want to take a more adult approach. I typically create poems/stories with more mature themes and language as you know so writing a story for children is very much outside of my niche but I wanted the challenge. I realize that some of your will choose to write stories and that stories can get long, so it is fine to submit your story in sections. If your story should continue beyond a week please continue submitting because I will want to finish! You can of course submit poetry as well.


You can also submit photographs/art/blog posts whatever you want just so you keep the fairytale theme in mind lol


Alternatively you can continue the story I started. You can take the story in any direction you like dark and sinister, romantic, humorous, Machiavellian, happy ending, sad ending whatever you want. You don’t have to mimic my writing style of course.  Just write as you would taking the story in the direction you would like to see it go, adding characters as you see fit, killing characters as you see fit whatever you want to do there is no limit. I know people do this with their children sometimes so I thought it could be interesting. If no one chooses this option that is perfectly fine too!


53 thoughts on “Prompt 12 Fairytale

      1. LOL, I saw your hint in your post of your fairytale yesterday and thought that if you did make this the prompt I’d write what I have…so, yes, I’m a fast writer as I did just write my story this evening having seen the prompt confirmed, but the story was fully formed already – in a dream I had – so I just had to write it out!! 🙂

  1. This is great, I can’t wait to start working on it. Making a story is so so tempting, I just don’t know if I have enough life-energy to drown inmy own story writting. But the prompt is just so inspiring! Argh!

  2. I’ve just made a 1000-words short story for the prompt! After reading it two or three times, though, I can’t really say it’s a fairytale lol. It sure has some of its elements, but probably not the kind of “fairytale” you would expect. If it’s okay, I’ll post it tomorrow (I need to make sure first that my English is good enough, so you wouldn’t break your laptop screen while reading it 😆 )

  3. Let’s just that the princess escapes with another princess and the prince turns out to be a butcher apprentice who is actually the king’s bastard son. But the king doesn’t find out until the end! 🙂

    Greetings from London.

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  5. okay, M. Added Marked VII. Obviously by VII there are 6 other installments. Each after the first links back to the previous. All installments under fiction tab. Readers this is more fantasy/sci-fic not fairytale but M likes it so here it is. I look forward to reading the other submissions this weekend. Thanks.

  6. Yes, they are self published at smashwords. I’ve only just published them so there are no sales to report, but I have already seen numerous sample downloads. I’ve also only just begun to publicize. I have several small poetry books on Amazon doing nothing, so I thought I would test a different venue and market. Give it a try and I’ll let you know how it works out. If it does, I’ll be moving the rest of my work over to them. This has kept me very busy and I haven’t gotten to the prompt yet, but I still hope to.

  7. Seriously, she couldn’t get away from that ball fast enough. She NEVER wanted to go, but fairy godmothers don’t always take no for an answer. She thought the prince was dull and BORING beyond belief. She kept hoping that he would fall and sprain his ankle, while they were dancing the mandatory waltz that every princess was forced to endure. All he talked about were the clothes he was having made for the next party. “WHO CARES,” I finally shouted, shoving him backwards. “Have you ever even SEEN a book?” I asked, storming off the crowded dance floor. Two mice, dressed in satin, followed close on my heels. They told me that the music had stopped and everyone was horrified by my behavior. “I DON’T CARE,” I yelled. “I just want to get into some real clothes and go riding.”

    My fairy godmother was standing at the bottom of the stairs, tapping her foot AND her wand. “What have you done?” she snapped.

    “Get out of my way,” I said evenly. “I mean it. MOVE.”

    “Well,” she sighed sadly, her wand falling to her side “I knew you would grow up and not need me anymore. All of you human girls do that. We watch over you for years and years and then, poof, just like that, you outgrow us.”

    “I’m sorry about that,” I said. “It’s not that we outgrow fairy tales, it’s just that we want’ to make up our own stories.”

    “I see,” said my fairy godmother miserably.

    “Why can’t we just be friends? As long as you never use your wand on me again, of course.”

    “I would like that,” said my fairy godmother excitedly. “I’ve never been friends with a human before.”

    “No stupid dresse, no balls, no anything, okay?”


    And from that moment on, a beautiful friendship was born between a human girl and a godmother from the land of the fairies.

    Oh, and the prince had a rough time after that night. All of the others girls finally told him what they thought about him. Once the spell was broken, he couldn’t get a date. His parents were distraught but not one girl was willing to marry him. That’s just the way life goes sometimes. He’ll adjust. We all do.

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