This was a hard choice because I have so many favorites. Iron Butterfly, 13th Dimension, Janis Joplin, The Doors, The Grateful Dead too many artists to name! I chose this song because I had a story to go with it. In college I took Abnormal Psychology and the class ended around 9:30 pm. As I go to bed between 9:00 and 10:00 pm because of my Epilepsy by that hour I am tripping all by myself lol My teacher played music before class, this song was recurring. I always arrived early because of Sam’s OCD so I would sit in an empty classroom listening to this music, in a haze. Then class would start and we’d watch hours of lobotomy videos and other seriously disturbing videos. So for 3 hours I sat in this class in my semi-conscious state extremely disturbed, it was a very surreal feeling (kind of like the scene in A Clockwork Orange where Alex’s eyes are pinned back sometimes). I more or less went to bed after class so I had a lot of messed up dreams.

Here is another more modern version of the song


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