yggdrasil 2

I want to hunt inside of you

To lick the virgin flesh of

Your involuntary muscles

To taste those scars which

Compose your injured beauty


I want to feel the rhytym of

Your mind states, the delirious

Pulse of your luminous flirtations

To know those secrets to which

Only the soul is acquainted


I want to strip your architecture

To roll in the dirt of your heathen

Foundation, to grow inside of those

Blood-letting aqueducts like a root

I want to be your Yggdrasil


20 thoughts on “Yggdrasil

      1. I am so happy to hear you are feeling better, you have been missed. Your health is most important though and I am sending some positive vibes your way. Thank you so much, your poetry is amazing =)

  1. roll in the dirt of your heathen foundation….dang…ha…licking the scars…actually i like that much…there is an acceptance there that goes beyond the intimacy that you def convey as well…smiles.

  2. “To taste those scars which compose your injured beauty” HOLY MOLY! Love it! So descriptive. Another great post! Keep it up.

  3. You sucked me right in with the internal hunting and held me with the involuntary muscles all the way to the blood-letting aqueducts — WOW!

  4. Holy Heathen Foundation Bat Girl! You cut through the senses like a madman with an axe, only you do so with an elegant and delicious flair. The sexual connotations are so powerful that its rocks the sensibilities! Excellent craftsmanship!

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