Here it is my girly side (you were suspicious after the Cyndi Lauper song I am sure) but I do have an inner Princess/Goddess/Anima though she sleeps quite soundly in a metal sarcophagi nearly year round. In college I took Japanese and it was on a class field trip to The Japanese Festival in Atlanta that I met Lisa Furukawa. I went to buy her CD after having been completely blown away by her live vocals (goosebumps all over) and she was standing there so I thought I should pay her a compliment. She was so sweet, so humble, and so endearingly shy. She talked to me much more than I expected but as I am so socially dysfunctional I left in my embarrassed hurry haha When I am feeling down putting her CD on reminds me of that beautiful sweet girl and the strength it must take to get on stage. I always feel powerful and womanly after listening to her music. I almost never feel that way so its quite an extraordinary transformation.


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