Everything been taught to me

Been taught to me by a black

Leather belt and everything I need

To know been shown to me by the

Mercy of your raised right hand


I’ve been a sinner since the day I was

Born, a little beer in the pacifier didn’t

Hurt me none,  contempt burns strait to

The filter just like a guided cigarette.

Preparation for hell that’s all life is and

When I meet the Devil I expect he’ll be

Wearing my face and speaking through a

Hotel Bible just like my dear old man


At the end of a switch you’ve made me into

A fine man, virtues you’ve no stock to give

Virtues laced with whiskey and nylon I

Know the addiction that became your 3 am

On a different street, same stale puddles of

Gasoline. If I am rotten its because I’ve lived

My whole life face down in shit. I don’t neeed

To tell you but you’ve got no right to judge,

One look in the mirror and you’ll know exactly

Who I am


(I feel like this poem is different from my usual style I have been listening to Seasick Steve and I just wanted to try something new. This poem is fictional but I added some real facts from my childhood. I went for a kind of Blues feel)


16 thoughts on “Whiskey and Nylon

      1. You succeeded admirably, and I think writing in truly different voices is one of the hardest things for a writer to do, so bravo my friend, well done!! 🙂

  1. its def got grit….and darkness…that opening stanza sets the tone and then you just build on it…i grew up under a belt, not malicious–i dont think—but…intriguing to hear you in a different voice…smiles.

    1. Thank you Brian =) In Sweden its illegal to spank or physically discipline your children, where I am from in NC its probably still common. I was spanked growing up too but I definitely didn’t continue that tradition.

    1. I am glad you can’t, I hope you had a happy childhood =) I can’t relate to everything either its fictional and a mash up I don’t even drink casually at celebrations and I have never employed a prostitute I hope that goes without saying!

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