Prompt 9 Free Share =)


As this marks the beginning of vacations for many of us I decided to mark the occasion by leaving the prompt wide open =) As always you can submit multiple pieces. You can submit anything poems, stories, photos, artwork, music, articles etc.. As some of you know I am having a lot of trouble with my vision. Its not just a matter of magnifying text or wearing my glasses (methods currently employed) everything is blurry and I have so much debris/phenomena swimming in front of my eyes it quite a challenge to read and write! I experienced this earlier this year and it cleared up totally (my vision was back to before I needed glasses even) but I have managed to exhaust my eyes again!  Hence not being as active online outside of my own blog. Now is your chance to share anything I might have missed!

41 responses to “Prompt 9 Free Share =)

  1. We all need a break from online 🙂 Between work and life I did have to step back this past week or so. Now refocused and hopefully back more regularly. I do miss your words. 🙂

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  3. Sorry to hear about your eyes. Sounds like floaters, which I’ve had quite a few bouts with over the years. They are very annoying, indeed!

    Since this week’s prompt is wide open, I think I’ll share this week’s Limerick-Off challenge link, for now, and come back with something else later this week. I hope that’s okay!

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  5. The idea of a ‘free share’ fits in perfectly with my thoughts today. I hope your vision problems clear up soon. Love the picture at the top, by the way.

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