The asphalt shadows are always

Driving your features down, your

Knuckles, bleached, hysterical as

An overturned eye will never know

The freedom of wildflowers tethered

In open fields like autonomous kites


Your smile is a cartwheel unspun

Clumsy, noncommittal, one side

Always pointing at the ground


Two short poems I still can’t really see =( Also hubbie is on vacation soon!


19 thoughts on “2 Short Poems (Kite, Smile)

  1. aww..that is a bit sad about the smile always pointing down…clumsy & non commital…

    i like the freedom of wildflowers tethered…there is an interesting contrast in that…

    misssed seeing you yesterday…

  2. I came looking for a We Write Poems piece.
    Unsure which one, without back tracking through last weeks prompt/placement page.

    Your smile piece reminds me of (he should rest) my FIL, after his stroke and partical poralisis of the one side of his face. But for the most part he was a very happy, gentle and peaceful person.

      1. I was looking for last week…not this week. I’ve written mine, but I don’t want to be the first to post…

        I wonder how many did do a series. I put them all together on one page… if nothing else it will make it easier for me – well I do have them all together on the document file too.

        Health issues are so different today. Even if they are inherited, we can by lifestyle and diet change our own courses. Stay healthy!

      2. I started off all over and then moved into a more series like piece haha

        My cousin was only 30 when she had her first stroke which left her blind and she had a healthy lifestyle. I am going to be as healthy as possible but it still worries me a bit because they are nearly as common as the flu in my family the smaller ones at least, the larger ones aren’t as common so I hope to avoid the more serious/debilitating strokes, my circulation is awful and nothing seems to improve it so I think I inherited something faulty there

  3. The freedom of wildflowers tethered
    In open fields like autonomous kites
    One of the places I go to when I do creative imagining is full of wildflowers. I never thought of them as tethered kites. Next time I travel there, I’ll bring your words to mind. (oops, that almost an awful pun)

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