I will love you dear in this house

Of cards behind these flimsy walls

With their horrorshow veneers in

The presence of a black-mantled

Chalk-faced bereavement


We will fall face down, bleached spines

Unbroken and I will catch you at my

Own expense, with the sum of my

Being in spite of a climate that

Suffers no integrity, no certainty

As many times as it takes


I will lay with you on the floor,

Scattered in the shadows of a slipshod

Psychopathy and I will love you

No less on the bottom then I loved

You outstretched and I will love you

No less crumbled in the merciless

Grip of indignation then I will love you

Abiding and upright in the mutual

Symbiosis of a slack-jointed habitation


(This was fun and honestly a bit therapeutic. I chose “House of Cards” for my cliche because there are probably 100’s of songs/poems with this title)


35 thoughts on “House of Cards

  1. nice…i really like that last stanza…loving on the bottom…no less than outstretched…the bleached spines caught at your own expense…nice touch…i like…you play cliche well…smiles.

  2. I was captured by “Scattered in the shadows of a slipshod Psychopathy”…sometimes I feel as if my life is like that…
    you are always fun to read…

  3. I will toss my deck in the air
    watch them tumble williy-nilly to the ground
    as hopes and fears
    as the laughter and tears
    our dreams could no longer support.

    Nice writing Gal!

  4. House of Thrones? I don’t watch but the title reminded me of the program (based on a computer game).
    The visuals created are stunning.

  5. oops, I meant you created stunning visuals, not the tv program, lol! Finally figured out the prompt thing! I have some cognitive problems, and it takes me longer to figure things out (or systematically visit someone else’s blog!, lol)
    You will also note, my self-editor seems to go on strike when I’m leaving comments, and it isn’t til afterwords, I notice the mistake! So, one of the main words in my vocabulary is “oops!”

    1. I have never seen House of Thrones either so I can’t say if my poem relates to it accidentally lol Trust me I understand it takes me forever to learn new things and with technology I am just completely lost. With my super blurry vision I am not really 100% sure what I am writing or reading lol

    1. Thank you though I feel I should maybe learn Braille preemptively geez. My mom has the same eye problems plus a more recent one and she well she shouldn’t be allowed to drive ever but she does. I suspect my vision will keep declining and I hate it, because I love writing and reading

      1. A friend had diabetes (the childhood kind) that eventually would have taken her sight completely. She was a chef (and a reader) so her decreasing vision (she had lazer surgery when it was still experimental) was really a problem (pre home computer days)
        After living in Scotland for a while, she moved to England. Both places had a lot of supports available including retraining, job placement etc.
        The culinary institute she had trained in accommodated for her declining vision so she taught the theory and other non-hands on classes.

      2. Something about our eyes makes us uneligable for lazer surgery, well I haven’t tried yet because this is more of a recent problem for me but with my mom they keep telling her that her eyes haven’t fully matured. She’s 53 how can her eyes not be mature yet lol What an amazing woman your friend =)

  6. It must be difficult to have the knowledge that your eye problem may go through the same processes.
    In my family, my mom and her sister had dementia and Alzheimer’s so there is the possibility that I will have it too. That’s why I get a bit worried some times when my cognitive skills aren’t working right. The memory problems are probably part of the same issue — but not necessarily. Lots of other reasons for the lapses, from my depression to my anxiety and/or meds I take, etc.

    1. Memory problems and cognitive functioning or something I worry about a lot as well. I have Epilespy and it has wrecked my short-term memory even if I manage to learn something new after a few seizures its most likely going to be wiped, its like my brain reboots constantly unexpectedly and it never saves the new data. Sometimes after a seizure I do not know who I am or where I am and it can be unnerving, terrifying if in the middle of the city alone. My grandma had Dementia likely related more to strokes but she seemed so much happier without her memories, she didn’t forget her immediate family thankfully but a lot of the trauma from her past I guess was lost and it freed her from some demons

      1. I’ve heard that from other folks — to us, the memory lose of a friend or family member is a matter of concern — but the person with the issue seem to finally be able to let go of past memories that haunted them.

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