Her silken degenerate thighs induce

Vertigo, his eyes slide under her skirt,

Viscous and intractable like honey.

Absinthian, this angel, prefers nightmares

To flesh, her wounds, anemic like the gaping

Mouths of fish, render her impervious to advance,

She shrugs him off wordlessly, lips as sharp and

Taunt as a razor-vine


His protean tongue can find no opening

No means to smooth the tension in her

Fingers and brow. She withdraws, ineffable

Behind splayed lashes, like spider legs

Turning a web, ensnaring;  her deadly

Down-turned chin distending further

His venous desires


Feverish and slack-jointed he retreats, lacewing

Panacea inveterate, nerve-bleaching, spurious

He strokes misplaced organs, lungs face down

In the abdomen, hearts spread thinly underneath

The epidermis. Midas dolls, these hollow symmetries,

That offer no easement beyond a flip-switch carnality


A dead chamber, empties decapitated clovers, his

Eyes perishable, collapsing, he draws her name like

Graffiti on every stretch of open canvas, inside bone

Channels, ink replacing marrow. His adversarial spirit

Denounces golden statuary, crepuscular appetites suspended

By the dawning of love. Nascent, expectant, He tries again,

Sleeves pulled back to expose the underside of his wrists, his

Blood-born disease, this girl is not another dandelion reject,

She sees through him savage and intuitive like peyote,

She mouths “Maybe” while creeping down the fire-escape


(I went for another dadaist-like poem granted I am my own newspaper so I supply the words for shuffling, I have too much fun making up words)


13 thoughts on “Peyote Angel

  1. I love the selection of words in this! It doesn’t make sense and it does at the same time! Sort of sensuous/creepy! I’ll see what I can do with this prompt!

  2. Vertigo, yes! I have the sense of falling from a great height, knowing all the while her heart, her love cannot be won by words, or deeds, only by falling into the utter depths of her isolation and joining her there.

  3. whew…this one got rather dark and erotic…great descriptors…the razor vine mouth…the proteous tongue sounds rather nasty…finding no hole to soothe her…eepp…the dead chamber his eyes….ok, you can give a shiver…smiles…

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