She paints doors on trees

And slips inside unseen, sly

Dryad or mad girl?


He stoops by the trash

Conversing with a broken

Television set


Trip to earth pending

Papier-mâché Goddess glues

Stars to her suitcase


Martian anemones

Grow underneath her mailbox

Presents from above


Tethered to the  moon

By an inky ribbon, my

Unsteady head trips


She draws dragonflies

By her eyes, Venusian

Priestess, chasing flight


Submission was for

Haiku Heights

But alas I was too late! I have been insanely busy and this weekend probably won’t be much better *sigh*


24 thoughts on “Eccentric Haiku

  1. Oh wow, SO good. I love the first one and this:

    “Martian anemones
    Grow underneath her mailbox”

  2. “She paints doors on trees and slips inside unseen.” EASILY, hands down the FRICKIN’ coolest line I have read this whole week!! Wow. Could be a song. Spectacular imagery.

      1. I read that with my mouth wide open (attracting flies) in awe. One of those “DAMN! Wish I wrote that” moments. You have a gift!

  3. otherworldly images, daydreams, or are they just separate takes on reality; captured in snapshots of words and photocopied to my mind? Amazing stuff!

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