Japanese Style Landscape

Vapor wings emerge

Incense-breathing dragon bred

In earthenware pot


A cooling zephyr

Capsizes Genmaicha raft,

Teacup sea claims luck


Mystical cadence

Affords the heart’s hollow eyes

Unclouded vision


The morning air sleeps

While I daydream over a

Cup of honeyed tea


(then I took a dark turn)

In his eyes the eve,

The madness of laughing clouds

And rainbow puddles


The streets are his veins

His slick asphalt dreams, escape

Heroin highways


Submission for

Carpe Diem


10 thoughts on “Carpe Diem Haikus

  1. ouch on the heroin highways…the madness eyes right before that i dont see as dark when its on its own…the madness of laughing clouds andrainbow puddles is cool…maybe my fav line in there…now off to sit with my coffee…smiles…

  2. nice..i like the laughing clouds and rainbow puddles…also the Teacup sea claiming luck…the other images i like as well but those were my favs..smiles

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