Graves, Morris waking-walking-singing-in-the-next-dimension-1979

You spread like wine

Over a silk dress, a


Carnivore spinning

Contradictions into a

Hypothetical prime


I’ve got a head full

Of heathen posies,

And a lavender soul

Spilling forward like

A thirsting wisteria

We’re all swaying to

The refrain of your

Avaricious pulse


Cotton-mouthed with

Misplaced expectations

I watch you slip dimensionless

Into patina, ambidextrous

Heart pocketing the sunrise

And sunset in the same

Thieving swoop



Submission for

Magpie Tales


38 thoughts on “Copper Mouth

  1. a head full of heathen posies and a lavender soul….ha…love those lines…nice snake allusions in this as well between the copper head and cotton mouth….

  2. You are like the US marine Corps, MLM , you never leave any of tour own behind….the dark and the light dance beautifully balanced in you……

  3. Such a sinister feel to this one … and you with your heathen posies and lavender soul caught in that weaving stare of the snake … fly!

  4. This is so cool. The mid stanza is such a marvelous set of images that just flow so well that I found myself reading it over and again just for the enjoyment. .

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