This weeks theme is Personification! Personification is the attribution of human nature or character to animals, inanimate objects, or abstract notions. By all means feel free to submit stories as I feel this prompt lends quite well to fantasy. Any type of poetry goes, even just a blog posts about your encounters with animals behaving in a human manner would work beautifully.

If you would like to submit a photograph/art piece for this challenge that also works =)

For my submission I am submitting an older poem I wrote about a sailboat. If you are wondering why the magic mushroom photo I thought it might inspire you to alter your perceptions lol


55 thoughts on “Prompt 6 Personification

      1. I’d love to be as clever with words like all I see here and internet friendly too

    1. And I appreciate you taking the the time out to look and like things of mine simple but it Makes on happy iim mark.

      1. Yves I must apologize I never knew this was here honest ii tried countless to go reply couldn’t find. Where.
        I feeel and probably look a bit stupid :)D

      1. Awesome can’t wait! I do not know if my page looks wonky to other people or not but if so please ignore it, it will probably be wonky for a while

      2. You know I’m here and I don’t really fully understand all that’s to do , I could be as good its nice to read and admire others :).

  1. Since you made it so broad and I’m just not too inspired this morning. I am posting my Deep in the Bones…even though I know it isn’t what you asked for…maybe something will come later?

  2. I was being silly and wrote a poem about a

    My expertise doesn’t lend well
    To conversations over meals and
    It does not, despite secrecy, encourage
    Intimacy, if anything I would imagine
    It off-putting to your prospective mates
    That said I beg you to leave these matters
    Confidential, only the two of us ever
    Need know and to tell you the truth
    I’d rather not but we can’t have you
    Ducking outside behind light posts
    And parked cars, you’re far from mastering
    A canine’s nonchalance, and your aim well,
    Lets just say you would need a suitcase
    Full of clothing just to get through work.

    Now I say this with a friend’s selfless concern
    But you really could stand to improve the
    Quality of your diet, the smell carries you know,
    Far beyond the throne room I gather and it lingers,
    Not for a natural span either. As far as I can tell you
    Take all your calories from tins cans, glass bottles,
    And plastic bags, that can’t be healthy for your bowels
    In fact I am certain it isn’t, based on forced and repeated
    Analysis, sometimes I really do think something has died,
    Not in here, as this odor quite clearly emanates from you

    One more thing those magazines you’re reading have
    Not improved your intellect in the least and watching
    You sulk in front of the mirror is doing nothing for my
    Morale. Why not try purchasing some actual books, if
    Nothing else they might distract your lady friends
    From the appalling state you leave the bathroom in,
    Speaking of which would it really be such an
    Inconvenience to clean once in a while?

  3. It glistened and glowed, calling her nearer, promising things that she knew ware impossible…promises that no one or no thing could possibly keep. As she moved forward she realized that the green ruffle, in front of the magic mushroom, had sharp, pointy teeth. She laughed then and backed away, waving her hand. “Almost had you,” shouted the mushroom. “In your dreams, baby. In your dreams.” The mushroom shook its cap and whispered, “if you only knew, my love. If you only knew.”

  4. Recently wrote and published this on my site, it’s one of many anthropomorphic works I’ve written.
    Great Prompt, hope you like my offering.


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