She flows with the wind

Spirit suffused with sunlight

Heart a violin

Submission for

Haiku Heights




Sibylline, sylph-like she slips beneath

The surface of my consciousness

My senses run naked over the walls

Searching for some suggestion in

Those sly shadows that fasten strictly

To the quiescent but she has departed

Now, spooked, perhaps, by the intensity

Of my observations


Sometimes she speaks, in semaphore,

In the shifting of objects through

Interstellar space. I have lost all

Sense of direction. Should she not

Be sleeping six-feet underground?


The strain of farewell is still upon her

Like a serpent, silent, suffocating, surreptitious

Is there no light to entice? No suitor to summon?

No sympathetic egress slightly open so that she

May pass seamless into the other realm?


She wanders desultory through the hallways

To what sorrow is she enslaved? To what

Purpose does she tether herself to this

Somatic sphere? I have found nothing

Disquieting about her passing, save

The brevity of her life. Is she simply



I went mad with alliteration but it was a lot of fun lol I have had an unusually hectic weekend and in a little while I will leave town again for a number of hours. I haven’t had nearly enough time to write

Prompt 5 Wordle Challenge


I have always wanted to create my own wordle so here it is!

If you specialize in haiku “Sylph” is your theme so you don’t need to worry about the other words unless of course you want to write several haiku in order to incorporate them all which is totally fine with me =)

If you specialize in limerick

You have a choice between “Bondage” or “Ghost”

If you want to submit a photograph aim for something ethereal, sylph-like, supernatural in appearance

If you write stories or specialize in longer forms of poetry there is no theme  just try to include all 10 words. The word doesn’t have to be in the same form as presented “passing” could be “pass”  “passes” or “passed” for example. As I am the one that came up with the vocabulary for the wordle I gave myself an extra challenge. In addition to the specified vocabulary I used heavy alliteration as you will see. You are welcome to use alliteration as well but its not required. I hope I didn’t make this impossible! If you enjoy this we will throw a wordle into the mix every now and then.  Remember you guys can also suggest challenges and if ever you need adjustments just ask I am flexible. PS you can submit multiple entries because the group is quite small right now.




You atrophy

Under observation

Like the wings of exiled angels

Beneath the contempt of sodium lights

You are all bones and exposed wires.

Compressed by gravity

We are the same




This is my first ever attempt at rictameter so be gentle lol


Submission for

Imaginary Garden with Toads



I wear wallpaper as if flesh.

Today I am off to a festival with my daughter and mother-in-law. Though I have alluded to it many times I get overwhelmed very quickly in social situations and crowds. I am the archetypical shy girl whose isn’t really of this world. I look forward to taking some photos and hopefully I will get some nice shots I can post. I really haven’t done much photography but I am excited to learn =)

Since this is my first entry I described myself haha




I know your face only in the phosphorescence

Of a fictitious dawn,

In the surreal glow of

Your dis mem bered journals

I still find your post-its adhered to the walls

like retiring


They console me like winter, through the amplification

Of a s









g contrast


You left, prematurely                before love could

Abolish resistance. I am more h o r i z o n t a l

Than v








These days wrapped up in

the nostalgia of self-perpetuating m-i-s-e-r-y

(this is more first real attempt at playing with the form, I do not have much of an artistic sense about this sort of thing okay I have NO artistic sense about these things but it was a fun experiment just the same)



There is nothing that I hold

Sacred, which does not have

Your elvish prints scattered

Upon it, you, who have no

Desire for space or privacy,

You who are like a door

With rusted hinges always

Evident in presentation


Words do not deliver my

Secrets to you, my emotions

Are butterflies of intimation,

Which you cleverly pluck from

The ether. I watch as you spin

Nuance delicately around China

Doll fingers in an effort to

Riddle me out and I wonder

How you, with your intuitive

Attention to detail, can

Love me up close


(Even before I had children I always imagined them to be perceptive but now that I have a 5 year old daughter, I know for a fact that they are psychic! My daughter has an uncanny and disorienting knack for asking very specific questions about my private thoughts. The trust small children have for their parents is the purest trust I know. The picture is of our hands should have found a better background lol)

Submission for

Theme Thursday

Absinthe Diary Snippets (Sean)


Your eyes are not the sea

They are parked, like oil slicks

Between crisp margins

Depthless but beautiful

Under the canary yellow

Light of a migratory sun


I have reread all your letters

In search of departure but

There is nothing in the grace of

Your feline syllabary to betray

You and nothing in your tears,

As you hurried across the

Threshold into the votive

Light of artificial moons,

To suggest that it was

Ever an absence of love


Sometimes I peel your fliers

From bulletin boards like the

Rinds of oranges but there is

No sweetness in a smile that

Will never again rest against

My own


The widow in apartment 16

Is still threading shadows

Into the feathers of carrion

We drink our tea on the

Balcony in the chrysalis

Of unwashed blankets

Side by side every

Morning. She still wears

A starlet red negligee

Underneath her bathrobe

(I bet shes beautiful when

she sleeps)


Lately I have been hoping to

Catch a messenger pigeon

I know that you are alone

I know the faces of all the

Girls who want to belong

To you, those girls with

Smiles like glass, I can’t

Bring myself to hate them

(but sometimes their

too nice)


Morpheus no longer brings

Sleep, only open-eyed

Nightmares, I lie awake

Every night, face down,

Wondering where you are

(Your absence doesn’t

feel at all like freedom)


In the first poem she isn’t calling Sean shallow she is saying that his goals are very focused so he doesn’t get off track a lot and that his emotions are generally on the surface. I decided to go with a journal since she has never spoken in any of the other stories.

This submission is for

We Write Poems

Betrayal Senryu


Palm fed her heart burns

Defenseless against desire

False words abandon

(You can read this two ways because I am sneaky like that in the first way, which is positive, you can read it as true love makes us honest, makes us clearly visible our defenses betray us or you can read it as flattery can feed our egos incite our passions but that in the end it leaves us with nothing)