Prompt 5 Wordle Challenge


I have always wanted to create my own wordle so here it is!

If you specialize in haiku “Sylph” is your theme so you don’t need to worry about the other words unless of course you want to write several haiku in order to incorporate them all which is totally fine with me =)

If you specialize in limerick

You have a choice between “Bondage” or “Ghost”

If you want to submit a photograph aim for something ethereal, sylph-like, supernatural in appearance

If you write stories or specialize in longer forms of poetry there is no theme  just try to include all 10 words. The word doesn’t have to be in the same form as presented “passing” could be “pass”  “passes” or “passed” for example. As I am the one that came up with the vocabulary for the wordle I gave myself an extra challenge. In addition to the specified vocabulary I used heavy alliteration as you will see. You are welcome to use alliteration as well but its not required. I hope I didn’t make this impossible! If you enjoy this we will throw a wordle into the mix every now and then.  Remember you guys can also suggest challenges and if ever you need adjustments just ask I am flexible. PS you can submit multiple entries because the group is quite small right now.

59 responses to “Prompt 5 Wordle Challenge

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    • Thank you for participating =) I enjoyed the poem I read first was that your intended submission? I didn’t see the words, your poem however was gorgeous! Congrats on your book too

      • Thank you.. No that wasn’t the submission.. I have written the poem; just the last minute editing.. Will post soon..
        I had linked to your board, that is what I was referring to in the earlier comment.

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  3. Wonderful words…then again I am the woman who was so excited that my teens high school used the word scintilla on their yearbook as title. Ha….okay let me wake and do some writing. 🙂

    • Haha I love words too you have no idea how giddy I was when I found out I could make wordles online for free! I look forward to seeing where the words take you =)

      • Now this is where I think….oh I forgot to go back and re-read before publishing. lol

      • My ADHD is so bad I just write and dread proofreading. lol I always sounds like I am speaking another language.

      • I was diagnosed with severe ADD (they said I was the worst case they had seen and actually said I needed to be on disability for ADD) but now that I have been diagnosed with Epilepsy it is hard to really say if I ever had ADD. Thank you so much for participating your submission is absolutely breath-taking never worry about length because I love reading your writing!

      • My son is VERY ADD as well. Its genetic by the way. lol So if you have it, look to one of your parents as having some of it as well. 🙂 I see those “labels” as gifts. I work with children who have behavior challenges and they really walk you through a beautiful, creative world if you listen.
        Thank you again!!! Can’t wait to do another. May look at older ones. 🙂

      • My mom does not have Epilepsy and she most definitely has ADD. We went to Disney World (mind you she was in her 40s) and she was so excited about going to the parks she forgot her money and ID. She is always louder than the children too lol I probably do have ADD because I have a very hard time staying connected to the world, I am extremely spacy, always lost in a story. While its great for my writing its not doing a thing for my social life not that I am that social but basic social skills are nice lol

  4. Oh, good golly now! What an awesome choice of words. I will definitely be back–tonight or tomorrow! My mind is already racing, and I can see either a poem or story coming that might be a continuation or adaptation of my post yesterday: “And So…”. Can you see it??

    • Words lists are hard so I understand =) There is no rush and I will be by your blog regardless to visit you. If you find it totally impossible you can just go with one of the 3 named themes “ghost” “bondage” or “sylph”

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  6. This is an excellent word list. Well done. I used to do a word list prompt, months ago on another blog. But I’d be happy to make one for you anytime and e-mail it to you. I do it for a couple of other people still. I make really weird, off-the-wall lists. 😉

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  8. Ghostly Limerick
    By Madeleine Begun Kane

    There are those who like being a ghost —
    Not the dead kind. Who wants to be toast?
    I mean writers whose name
    Gets no credit (or blame.)
    Here’s my problem with that: You can’t boast.

  9. Ha! Made it this week mlm – a bit of a tale on the dark side! Must seriously think of going to bed so will probably read others when I rise and tomorrow.

    Anna :o]

  10. the cruel naked sylph
    in her underground lair
    enticed passing sailors
    to her seamless light web
    never to depart
    tethered imprisoned
    sentenced to lives
    of somatic pain

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  12. “Getting to know you, getting to know all about you . . .” I’m probably submitting this way late, but my mind has been in cognito, wearing shades and sipping ice tea on the porch of a house by the beach.
    Love the way you bring all of it together. Now, if I could just find where my brain went . . .

  13. After finding your corner of the world, I decided to respond to this Wordle prompt – though I am a little late! Loved the collection of words! Like fragments of my poetic spirit!

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