Prompt 4 Music


This week’s challenge is to choose a song from the decade of your birth and allow it to inspire you. Your poem/song/story may end up being a memory sparked by the song, a commentary on the decade, or a tribute piece to the song/artist itself. As a child music was my escape, my means of coping with a nearly unbearable existence and before writing there was singing. I was and am a horrible singer but music brought me joy and as I was born in the singularly embarrassing 1980s music was playing on every street, every moment of everyday or so it seemed to me lol For my piece I chose Stevie Nicks because I used to listen to her records daily (yes records!). You do not need to include a video/audio link for your song though it would be a nice addition to the post but you do need to include the name of the song and artist so that we can seek it out.

55 responses to “Prompt 4 Music

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  2. From my infancy on, dad would hum
    A great symphony work — NOT humdrum.
    Not a lullaby, no,
    Though a Brahms work, and so…
    I still to Johannes succumb.

    This isn’t precisely what you asked for. But close enough, I hope. 🙂

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  4. What a great meme this is. I should like to join you, but I have no idea what kind of music I would like to show from my decade , that is the thirties. I know that there was a war imminent and there were lots of songs referring to it. At school I learnt a song about the famous admiral Michiel De Ruyter, who sailed on the Thames in 1667 in the Battle of Chatham, which he won. I think we learnt all those chauvinistic songs to strengthen the courage of the Dutch in Indonesia, where I lived.
    So I am sorry that I can’t join you.

    • By all means share a piece on the decade/your experiences growing up I would love to hear more, you do not need to worry about the song. I would love if you participated =)

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  6. Apologies for not responding sooner – life sometimes gets in the way…

    I did read and attempt to scribe – two on the go – but cannot find a close for either… Unless a required cliff-hanger I have a great need to close!

    So, looking forward to your new prompt on Sunday, when hopefully life will not be as rushed and can give the time your excellent prompts deserve.

    Until then, kind regards.

    Anna :o]

    • I understand Anna =) You know if you are working on something feel free to post it whenever you are finished, I really do not mind if you post to an older prompt. If you do want to post to a previous prompt post it under the most recent Mr. Linky though (that way everyone will see it) and just specify the prompt its for so there is no confusion.

  7. Has to be one of the best challenges – ever. Though I was born in 1941 … Stevie Nicks is awesome, I wanted to be her in the 80’s. Sing like her, look like her.

    • Its not too late even if you don’t finish before the prompt is up on Sunday early Swedish time just link to the most recent prompt with a little note at the bottom that your submission is for the music prompt. Haha go ahead because I want to see the song you will choose

    • Please feel free to participate anytime even to the older prompts just so long as you post your submissions to the most recent Mr. Linky and leave a little note as to which prompt you are responding I don’t mind at all =)

  8. This is my first visit. I’d have to do some research to find a song from the 1960’s or the decade of my birth. Even if I found one, I don’t often write poetry and so probably wouldn’t come up with anything to share. 😦

    What interests me though about this prompt is that I’m actually working on a song scrapbook for my teen sister. On each new page, I feature a singer and some of their songs that impacted me. I’m hoping that songs create a bridge between ages. 🙂

    • If you would you can write a commentary, a story or whatever =) I just took the music prompt down for the new challenge but if you are inspired and want to participate please just go ahead and add your submission under the newest Mr. Linky with a little note that is for the music prompt because I would love to have you! That is such a beautiful and thoughtful idea =)

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