Prompt 8 Cliche


This week’s prompt is “Cliche” amongst writers this word is taboo (personally I can think of no greater insult to my work) and yet the truth is many of us use cliches because they are so easily understood (if not in our writing, sometimes in our speech).  We all want to be original but for this prompt I am asking you to embrace the cliché! Chose a cliché(s) and either attempt to add depth/interest to the phrase or take the humorous approach. You could if you wanted even design your own Greeting Cards, whatever you like just have fun! For my own I took my usually partially serious/partially mocking approach. You can also submit pictures or artwork. To be honest I completely forgot it was Sunday and this was backup prompt encase such an event should ever take place.

25 responses to “Prompt 8 Cliche

  1. too funny…i did not write this to the prompt (just being honest) but i included cliche in my poem today…i will link it unless you say otherwise and see if i cant write you another tomorrow…

  2. For the title of my picture today I chose “At 5 in the afternoon”, taking as cliché the famous poem by García Lorca, in order to add more drama.

  3. I love playing with clichés! Here are a couple of oldies of mine:

    Chin Up
    By Madeleine Begun Kane

    “Keep your chin up, and things will be fine.
    Just act brave. Do not bitch, flinch, or whine.
    You have the right stuff.
    You just have to hang tough.”
    Does anyone fall for that line?

    A Fit Over Fiddles
    By Madeleine Begun Kane

    I hope you don’t think this a nit,
    But cliché buffs should surely admit
    That we need to part ways
    With certain clichés:
    Just how often do fiddles sound fit?

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  5. In reading your entire blog for the first time, I discovered your prompts. I bring an old poem today because it popped into my mind as soon as I read your prompt. I use cliche in the fifth stanza, I believe, likening the use of them to other ingrained things I might need to overcome. I hope to read what others have posted as well. I read slowly–as you might have noticed at Poets United and at dVerse Poets Pub–but I visit often.

    • I am flattered that you would even want to Susan though there is some stuff back there I don’t think I want to know about lol I started editing and cleaning up but there are so many entries. I hope eventually to get the whole thing in shape

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