Today’s prompt is Stigma but rather than write generically about the concept I want you to choose a condition to which social stigmas are often attached (ex. mental illness, physical disability, sexual orientation, religion, criminality, addiction, etc). If possible write from personal experience or about a subject close to your heart. Anyone is more than welcome to participate, so please feel free to jump in at anytime. There is a week dedicated to each prompt (a new one goes up each Sunday), if you want to respond to an older prompt please leave your link at the most recent  (specify which prompt)  because once I put up the new Mr. Linky I can’t access the old Mr. Linky’s anymore.


36 thoughts on “Prompt 3 Stigma

  1. Have done a poem on the theme and the mister linky process – hope it worked! the poem theme is a bit of a stretch for your topic, but if you wanted something that was personally felt as a stigma then it was what occurred to me! 🙂

  2. Well, now you’ve gone and done it! Here I was enjoying my first cup of coffee (so good with an English muffin and my homemade jam) and you got me all stirred up with this prompt! However! If you’re an early riser, I’m about to get even; I posted something for the prompt, but scheduled it for later this morning (6:25). So, there!

  3. Oh I’m feeling inspired by this prompt. Good one! But first I’m off to church. I’m speaking today and the theme is . . . .(drum roll please . . . . ) Mothers, of course, it’s mother’s day after all. Give me some time to write and . . . “I’ll be back!”

  4. Not long risen from bed mlm – will take notepad to work as ideas buzzing round my head – but still too tired for them to take form.

    Have a good day!

    Anna :o]

    1. Yay! Click the other links under Mr. Linky and read them too, leave comments for the other participants =) Now that yours is up there people can read and your enjoy your work too so enjoy the feedback!

  5. My first entry to your writing program. A rather long free verse emerged. Some times, like tonight, I get going and don’t know when to stop. My self-editor has the week off, lol

  6. Big oops! and bad memory. Hit mr. linky BEFORE I’d actually published “Stigma,” sorry for the confusion this might have caused!

      1. Right now I just have the one — Stigma. I went to your website and indicated I had published the piece already.
        Then figured out I hadn’t, so I did hit publish. And, thought I should let you know that I had directed folks to a piece of prosety that I had yet to publish.
        I’d been up all night, so my mind was in very slow gear. Great prompt, by the way!

        Made a small tweak the to poem this morning.

      2. I figured it out now and I have read and commented to your submission! I am glad you messed up actually because I read that great story this morning and now your fabulous poem lol

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