The constellations

Nest inside her irises

Daring, excursive


Her eyes are silent

Like evanescent glaciers

Reckless to traverse


His quicksilver heart

Thrives on adrenalin and

Dangerous women


No risk could waylay

His ambitions, head held high

Ready for combat


Submission for


27 responses to “Senryus

  1. Absolutely!! …. and treading on thin ice, the reckless always risk to combat, with so much high on the gush of adrenalin!! Deeply thought!!

  2. like the strength in the last one…that conviction is admirable…
    ha, have to be careful where that heart will lead you as well…
    the first two are def my favs though..smiles

  3. This is such an enigmatic cascade of Haiku. Each one wonderfully expressesand displays a different set of emotions! 🙂 What a beautiful set of story you have narrated of this combat between him and her!
    I just loved the first two, you have woven it with such expressive words!
    🙂 One of your best that I have read!

  4. The excitement of adventure in her eyes, the thrill surging through his heart… Beautifully brought out the spirit of the prompt 🙂

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