Dog, you had an airy disregard for authority

Built from altercation, you outweighed and

Overpowered me, you were merciless in your

Rivalries as in your administration of territorial

Boundaries, your spirit was not of the noble warrior

But of the blood-thirsty alpha. God knows we

Couldn’t take you anywhere without consequence


Your heart was like rotten fruit, but you

Would have forgiven me anything and

You loved me, far more than I will ever

Love myself. Far more perhaps than I

Could ever reciprocate, in your eyes as

In no others I was always good enough


Dog, you had a wicked sense of humor, you’d

Come up behind me when I was running

And head butt me so that I was literally

Catapulted into the air, so that defying

Gravity, I soared horizontally over the earth

With my legs folded, as if riding an invisible

Magic carpet, your pranks executed, always,

With a laughing grin and a few affable licks


One ear alert, the other benevolent and drooping

The perfect manifestation of your dichotomous

Nature. Out of respect for your dignity I won’t

Mention your fear of the veterinarian’s mutilated

Cats or your fear of thunder, which was so intense,

You jumped strait through a sliding glass door

But I will mention, how once, to assert your masculinity

You hauled the carcass of a full grown deer into the

Front yard and paraded it around like a trophy


I don’t like to remember you in old age, the

Crippling arthritis, the gangs of canines,

Who still afraid to take you on individually,

Came looking to claim your title in malicious

Packs. I don’t like to think of your humiliation

And your pain but sometimes if I remember you

Gentle, reflective, steadfast and unwilling

To surrender no matter the odds, I smile

Because I know that above all you lived


(I don’t usually write poems like this because I am terrible at it honestly but I came across a picture of Eli my German Shepard/Lab mix and I felt a little nostalgic. Eli was wonderful with people but a nightmare with other male dogs. I am also sick again for what seems like the 100th time this year. This picture is of Eli in later life he was probably 12 years here.)

10 responses to “Alpha

  1. I love this…dogs are wonderful…I still remember the dog I had as a young girl, and one day when I retire and can be home enough to be a companion I will get another dog. Beautiful poem, wonderful tribute. 🙂

    • Thank you =) I miss having pets myself but I live in a tiny apartment in the city and until we find a more spacious apartment or house (which we are looking for) its not even fair. I wouldn’t have a dog unless I had a proper yard though I think dogs need a nice big yard. Since we might have to stay in the city I might get a cat, something like a hamster/rabbit/guinea pig or maybe a bearded dragon not sure haha But I love pets. I had Eli from 8-21 so I grew up with him

      • Hope you find the ideal pet. You are right about dogs needing a yard. i also think they need companionship. hence why I will wait till i retire to get a dog again. 🙂

      • I would like to have a service dog they have dogs trained to work with Epilepsy but its relatively new and very expensive. Please feel free to participate in my prompt I would love to see some of your early work =)

  2. Your heart was like rotten fruit, but you
    Would have forgiven me anything and
    You loved me, far more than I will ever
    Love myself….love that bit…its the two sides
    of the pups…the playful yet loyal…i laughed a bit at the head butt
    as well…made me smile…and it is best to remember them young…

    • It was hilarious I mean I really had time to cross my legs and arms and look around, it was a total wtf moment but it was awesome because it was like flying for a few seconds! Dogs are great they add so much to your life

  3. You think this was terrible? Change that self-image, it’s wonderful. As a dog owner and lover myself I can relate to so much of it. Keep writing and stop criticizing, (yourself). Lovely to read. Laurie at

  4. It is obvious from your poetry that you understand love and heartbreak. To have and to live with a wonderful dog is a memory that is never forgotten. I would have loved Eli. For me, dogs are necessary to my life. I have never been without one since the day I left my father’s house.
    This is a great tribute to a fine friend.

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