Prompt 1 Old Poetry


I thought it would be fun to have a Sunday poetry share where I got to pick the themes/concepts muhahaha The themes will be totally random. This isn’t a contest and you don’t need to link to my blog (you are free to but it isn’t necessary), I just thought it would be a fun experiment. Feel free to suggest themes as well.

For our first theme go back and find a poem that is at least a year old to share (if you have anything from adolescence or childhood that would fantastic though if you are anything like me you didn’t save anything), if you don’t have an old poem pick a writer that inspires your work and write a tribute poem or attempt a poem from the perspective of your younger self.

40 responses to “Prompt 1 Old Poetry

    • I started in high school but I didn’t save much. I have a book my husband made of some of my work from my early 20s but I haven’t put it on the computer. I would love to see your poetry. You are very talented!

  1. This was fun. I actually went and dug out a poem that I wrote in my twenties that I loved and is very representative of the stuff I wrote at the time (poetry and prose). Plus, I found some notes that I made the were hilarious and informative. (I would have not have had a clue as to what it was about without the notes.) Thanks for the prompt and the laugh.

  2. I wrote in high school, which was decades ago. These poems are not on the computer. For a long time I was a private poet. The blogosphere definitely changed that. I do not have a poem to link today, but I like your Sunday concept.

    • Thanks =) Feel free to participate any Sunday and you can always write a new poem for the prompt as I mentioned you could try a tribute for a poet who inspired you or to write a poem in the perspective of your younger self or even just share a poem about a memory.

  3. Okay, you asked for it! I don’t have any from waaaayyy back, but I’m going to dig one out from the when I began writing in ernest–early 90s–and post it. Might even pick one I think is terrible!

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  5. I saved several spiral notebooks with my doodles and poems from junior high school-EEK! I’ll have to go and find them and post something (if it’s not too embarrassing!)

    • Ooooh I am excited! I actually forgot about it totally but now that you mention it I have one poem on here, my first ever poem from when I was 12! Thank you so much for coming btw =)

      The heart is an instrument of pain

      Love the heart’s sorrow

      For which it beats continuously

  6. Thank you for hosting Sunday prompts and inviting me to participate. It is truly an honor to be included. I look forward to reading everyone elses’ submissions. You asked for suggestions on prompts so, with the current prompt in mind, I thought it might also be fun for everyone to select an old poem with which they were unhappy, rewrite it at their current level of favor, then post the original and the rewrite in one post and link here commenting on the changes that were made.

  7. Thanks for letting me know that this is still going on. I just linked to an old three-verse limerick I wrote about contending with writer’s block a couple of years ago.

    And I just added you to my blogroll in the Poetry and Prompts section.

  8. Sorry I took so long to get here mlm – linked to a poem of 2011
    Love new prompts – will definitely take part!
    Kind regards. Anna :o]

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