4 am

Leagues beneath you

This unlocked fist

Abrades with every

Shudder, ours is

The language of

Thunder, the steady

Deafening of a pulse

Embraced by hysteria


I know the 4 am

Chill, the smoke cast

With your exhalation

It is the debris of

A love-sick winter

Of two solitary

Hearts dispersing


Our lips are poised

With a scream. Two

Wavering continents

Viciously divided.

We were beautiful

Once permeable,

Alive now we are

Boundaries, conditions

Fleshy ideals written

In granite and bone


I know I’ve been bad about updating and still haven’t entered into any contests. I haven’t written so much and what I do I just find myself second guessing

6 responses to “4 am

  1. Don’t beat yourself up-it’s just a treat when you do have the time to write and post:) Very nicely written piece, love the idea of the 4am chill- thanks for the read, really enjoyed it, and how it almost forced me to think through the idea here-great job

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