Kiyo Murakami

Kiyo Murakami

Your tectonic heart

Gathers breadth

The air is sullen, commiserate

It scatters momentum-

Hissing black daisies

That fracture and wilt

Over asphalt

Their deranged shadows

A funeral procession,

Swallowing entire thoroughfares

And veins too tight for ingress.


Soiled rainbows pool inside

Your tumescent pupils

It’s your sorrow I see

In the storm’s distillation

The reflection of your brooding silence

That stymied heart of thorns,

Incomprehensible in greeting.


These clouds,

The color of pumice,

Form a defensive blanket,

Snuffing out all

Adversarial bodies of light

Eyes closed

You turn 180 degrees

And withdraw,

A distinct continent


17 thoughts on “180 Degrees

  1. This is lovely and I love this line “It’s your sorrow I see in the storm’s distilled”. I’m glad you feel like writing again (not that there was every anything wrong with it) 🙂

    1. Thank you so much =) That makes a huge difference in how I perceive my work how much I enjoy the process of writing it. Since I am writing everyday I have different levels of motivation and inspiration. I am used to writing only when I am compelled to write but I don’t always write my best poems then, I can’t always reign all the ideas in.

  2. paints a very beautiful picture… a dark and despairing one, but a beautiful one nonetheless (:

  3. These clouds the color of wasting

    Form a defensive blanket, snuffing out

    All adversarial bodies of light and you

    Just close your eyes and look away


  4. To me, this poem so speaks the feelings of emotional pain we are so immersed in that its hard to process and becomes a static void that breaths numbness….An enthralling work. Wow!

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