I woke to the thunder

Of your poetry gripping

My heart, to the birth

Of your genius and the

Storms of revolution

Rearranging my deciduous

Thought patterns in

Accordance with your

Seasonal evolutions


Through you I am

Continuously resurrected

Rapt in your confessionals

My life a thief, I unfold vicariously

Through your revelations of self


Wherever I go I carry your language

Deep in my heart, the ink from

Your pen my life’s blood,  the

Horizontal veins in your notebook

Corresponding with the lines

On my palms


Like a weather vane your poems

Determine the directions my

Life blows, everything

I have learned about life

I have learned through the

Translation of your ethos


I would like to the thank everyone at Promising Poet’s Cafe and my readers. Congrats to everyone whether or not you won, having read everyone’s poems I can say every one of you is deserving of an award. Fantastic work all =) I would like to nominate: Sherrie Theriault


Bad Intentions

A nefarious well of secrets

Her mouth opens and

Closes like a trap door

Tongue, a butcher’s hook

Heart stems excoriated

And strung up inside.

Trapped between

Her teeth, residue

Of the men who

Love her worked

Over like cud


It’s too late to rewrite

Her bad intentions

Too late to translate

Them in a language

Of tolerance. She’s

Been indulged her

Entire life, her villainy

Nurtured as virtue

Those screams

Welling in her throat

Do not belong to her

She is the devil’s own

Mistress, she embodies

The serpent’s dreams


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