Without any premeditation on her part

She’s worked out a way to be desirable

To every man simultaneously and

If women do not hate her outright

Then they keep a shrine of her inside

Their handbags and apply her with

Makeup hoping to embody her

Through imitation but what they

Don’t understand is that her beauty

Stems beyond physicality, she

Isn’t the woman men lust she is

The woman they fall in love with


She’s a commodity in very short

Supply these days, it’s not that

She’s negligent it’s a matter of demand

And there’s not enough of her to go around

She’s worked out a way to be indispensable

Despite her perpetual motion, despite

That no one can affix her to any single

Point in recordable history, she transcends

Those boundaries, I have known her forever

In the expanse of three years I can’t imagine

Her not existing even if it’s only in the residual


When present she has a way

Of consuming one’s attention

Chaining all the men in the room

To her ankles, in her presence

I have the benefit of perfect anonymity

I could walk naked across the floor

Cloaked entirely in her shadow

I am completely invincible


She pursued me, pursues me still

I have always been a person remembered

Even when words are not exchanged

As I understand it I have a touch of unreality

My friend says looking at me is like

Looking into a very old photograph

I am of the ether, apparently I have the ability

To possess people by passing through them


I don’t know how we are friends as I go

Through extraordinary pains not to be seen

She caught me inside the periphery and

Extracts me very carefully bit by bit

Into the light, conjuring words between

My pursed lips, surrounding my exits


She knows all my tricks so she invites

Herself and never gives me the time

To form any plausible excuse, it’s

Not that I wish to escape her its

The world I have objections with

But she won’t let me leave, she keeps

Me grounded and despite myself

I must admit that I enjoy her being there

Like a holiday or a love affair she

Comes to me in waves of celebration


This is about my best friend gorgeous girl and if not for her unflagging persistence I would’ve disappeared I think completely. I am very anti-social it takes a force of nature to draw me out and she is a force of nature.


Lipstick Stains

When you walked out on me

I watched the rain swallow your footsteps

Though perhaps it was my tears

Blurring the stiletto impressions

Of you six inch heels, all it

Costs to love you, a few rumpled

Up 20$ bills. Sometimes I regret

Being the dependency you breed

The emptiness of my loveless wallet


Bring on the velvet redemption

The lipstick stains of forgiveness

Seething with criminal passion

This night edged with violence

Words silenced with mouths

That desecrate flesh indiscriminately


I thought that I loved you

But this desire overrides reason

I think it might only be obsession

Because your conversations

Don’t stand in isolation

Leave me crimson and raw

Like sunburned flesh, too bad

I can’t peel them away and

Start from a place of pristine

Nakedness. You thaw me out

Leave me hot and misplaced


In the beginning I swore

Allegiance to your darkness

The way it related to my own

Suffering, the way your

Shadow dipped into my fears

We were composites, lethal

In cohabitation. Our constituent

Parts being inseparable you

Never stray far and I know

You will return to me

Hopelessly entangled


We compensate substance

With our bodies, the weight

Of physical intimacy

Trapping our addiction

We are completed through

Union, steadily worn

Away in the repetitions

This is the cost of avoidance

You said a slow drowning

In a shallow pool


I am sorry I haven’t been that active in responses I have actually been social lately so I haven’t gotten the chance